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Amazing Mobile Phones Getting Set For The Nigerian Mobile Market In 2016

Samsung G9198 - Mobile Phones

Every year the Nigerian Mobile Market receives new sets of mobile devices and this year 2016 is no different. If you are a mobile phones fanatic; one who simply love embracing and buying new phones as soon as it is

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Cortana Magic: Discover The Personal Intelligent Assistant Features In Your Phone


Have you ever wondered why your phone can do so much? The reasons are many and dependent on the kind of applications your device is fitted with. In the case of Cortana, you will discover a virtual super-efficient personal assistant

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7 foremost tech bloggers in Nigeria

Tech Bloggers

Technology is significant in any economy and it is closely connected with growth and development. Therefore, because of its immense benefits, it should be boosted in any way possible and blogging about it is certainly one of such ways. Developing

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Nigeria Online Shopping Top 5

Nigeria Online Shopping

Nigeria online stores are actually increasing in number and set to make a mark. In the recent times, the online shopping market has witnessed an astounding emergence of these online stores in Nigeria. Nigeria is not so far behind in

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5 Top Online Games in Nigeria

Online Games Nigeria

There are many online games in Nigeria; however, all of them does not attracts large downloads. In this article you will discover which games are most downloaded and played in Nigeria. Games are created for the purpose of fun and

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Resources To Get That Perfect Family Data Share Plan

MTN Glo Airtel Etisalat

All the mobile networks in Nigeria offer family data share plans that allow people within the same network to get access to internet functions anywhere they are. The four mobile giants in Nigeria are seriously tugging it out in the

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Comparison of the cheapest data plans for smartphone and PC

MTN Glo Airtel Etisalat

If you are on a quest of locating which company among the four mobile network giants in Nigeria offers the best internet data plan for PCs and Smartphone you will need to go from one site to the other to

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telcoinsider Nigeria is online

telcoinsider Nigeria

telcoinsider Nigeria is online! And yes!, finally we got this page ready and we are proud to present you the telcoinsider website. Thank you for visiting this site. We hope you come back and give feedback on what you like

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