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MTN’s Yafun Yafun Start Pack For New Subscribers

MTN Start Pack

MTN network uses its latest starter pack tariff plan’s incentives to lure more customers into joining its ever growing and wide network. After being touted as the telecom with the largest subscriber base in Nigeria, MTN virtually lost their way

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Comparison between 2015 and 2016 data plans for MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat

MTN Glo Airtel Etisalat

Update: Glo Data Plan updates as of June 2016 included As in 2016 data plans are getting cheaper, one might think that everything is getting better and competition amongst telco companies will bring a bright new era of cheap data.

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Comparing Glo Bumpa Package With MTN’s BetaTalk Plan

Glo Bumpa vs. MTN Betta Talk

Mobile phone users in Nigeria are constantly treated to amazing packages from the four mobile network giants. Here are two amazing deals from Glo and MTN network. Obviously, from the description of the two packages namely MTN Beta Talk plan

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MTN SuperSaver+ (All About Mobile Network Services Packages)


Continuing in the ongoing series about all mobile networks in Nigeria, we are back to MTN. The series kicked off with MTN’s BetaTalk plan through other network; now back again to another of MTN tariff plans: MTN SuperSaver+ If you

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MTN BetaTalk – MTN Bundles (All About Mobile Network Services Packages)

MTN Betta Talk

Do you know that many Nigerians don’t really know the different services offered by their network? I was once like you until I was rudely awaken from my ignoramus state by an occurrence that made me swore to learn all

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How To Make Your Data Bundle Last Longer With Your PC

If you are having a data consumption usage dilemma that is giving you so much cause for concern, you can now control it; learn how to make your data bundle last longer when using the internet. If you are like

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Introducing MTN’S Bumper 150 Unlimited Data Plan Package Just for You


The fight for supremacy continues amongst the mobile telecom giants in Nigeria: MTN, Airtel, Glo, and Etisalat. Thanks to competition, Nigerians are being treated to different fantabulous data plans and call packages. Today we are celebrating MTN’s 150 naira unlimited

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The Best Data Plan For Nigeria

MTN Glo Airtel Etisalat

One of the first questions people ask when they buy a mobile device is which among the numerous data plan is the best to use and my answer then was vague because for the life of me, I didn’t know

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Amazing Data Plans Deals That Will Surely Wow you

MTN Glo Airtel Etisalat

When it comes to getting the cheapest data plans, these devices Android, iPhone, iPad, and PC share one thing in common. Their users have similar desire, which is to access the cheapest plans that will enable them browse till they

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Resources To Get That Perfect Family Data Share Plan

MTN Glo Airtel Etisalat

All the mobile networks in Nigeria offer family data share plans that allow people within the same network to get access to internet functions anywhere they are. The four mobile giants in Nigeria are seriously tugging it out in the

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