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Facebook Plans to Bring Cheap Internet to Africa

Cheap internet facebook

Africa might soon have access to cheap internet, thanks to Facebook, however, this is still largely uncertain. It comes as no surprise that Africa has the youngest populations in the world, with about 60% of the continent below 25. Despite

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Top 4 Cheapest Data Plans in 2019

cheapest data plans in 2019

Are you tired of spending money unnecessarily on data? Perhaps you need to opt for the cheapest data plans in 2019. Interestingly, each of the top network providers in Nigeria provides some super-cheap data plans and you definitely need to

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What is Glo Getting Wrong?

glo data plans

Like most Nigerians, I have been lured by Globacom super-cheap data plans but who wouldn’t? Driven by the desire to surf the internet endlessly at a really cheap price, I subscribed to Glo data and ditched MTN, a move I

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