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Best Data Plans For Android Users In Nigeria

Best Data Plans For Android Users

If you use an Android phone in Nigeria, there’s a great tendency that you are spending thousands of Naira on data subscriptions monthly. Given the prevalent harsh living conditions in the country, spending above N2000 per month on data isn’t

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Tecno W4: Specifications and Features

Tecno W4

Tecno unleashes its sleek and easy to use new mobile phone operating on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow platform It has been a while since the phone company, Tecno, has been making waves in the phone industry carving out its own

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3 Amazing and Best Android Actions Games You Need Right Now: It’s Free!

Free Android Games

Hey game buffs this page is for you! Are you tired buying games? Who says amazing and interesting games can only be found among paid ones and that free games aren’t worth the value? It isn’t true that you can

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Cortana Magic: Discover The Personal Intelligent Assistant Features In Your Phone


Have you ever wondered why your phone can do so much? The reasons are many and dependent on the kind of applications your device is fitted with. In the case of Cortana, you will discover a virtual super-efficient personal assistant

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The Easiest Way To Print Documents With Android Phones

Google Cloud Print

Have you ever desired to have your own printing system using your phone? Desire granted, you can now use your phone to start printing now! I believe that the next breakthrough App that will revolutionize phone experience will be made

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It is New, Trendy and Revolutionary: Check out the new Gionee M5 Mini

Gionee M5 Mini - Mobile Phone

The incredible thing about Gionee M5 Mini isn’t the phone’s amazing quality and design, but the fact that it is listed among mobile phones that will be remembered in the world of Smartphones. The fact is, many phones today are

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3 Top Reasons For Tecno’s Amazing Performance In The Nigerian Market

Tecno Y4 Phone

The story of a new company cannibalizing their competitors and even pushing them out of operation is no news, and this is the case of Tecno World Wide. What factors are responsible for their dynamite-success-blast in Nigeria? The funny thing

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Unveiling The Top 3 Android Phones For 2015

HTC One M9 - Mobile Phones

Android phones have come to stay. Since its introduction into the Nigeria market, its popularity has been growing in leaps and bounds, thanks to the cheap ones sold in the market. Today, the phones genre is occupying over 65% market

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