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How to Make Money on Airtel with XpressRecharge

Airtel XpressRecharge

The national lockdown has taken a toll on so many Nigerians. With the loss of jobs on the increase, most Nigerians are looking for succor from every possible means. Thankfully, Airtel XpressRecharge provides the relief most Nigerians seek. It allows

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Best tariff plans for data — Airtel, Glo, 9mobile, MTN

Best data feature

Online communication has increasingly been resorted to for diverse reasons ranging from speed of message transfer to availability, and this need has birthed the question: which is the best tariff plans for data. What actually drives this kind of communication

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Best tariff plans for calls — Glo, 9mobile, Airtel, MTN

Best tariff plans for calls

Mobile calling is one of the essence of having a phone; it plays an overt role behind the rapid development of information technology. The necessity of staying much connected to family, friends, and fans is a simple example of why

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Cheapest data bundles and their subscription details – Glo, 9mobile, MTN and Airtel

Cheapest data plans Nigeria

The need to stay connected with family, friends and fans via social media, VoIP platforms, and all other numerous internet broadband modalities has necessited the search for available cheap data bundles. Referencing the eight popular broadband internet providers in Nigeria,

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Fastest Telecom Operator In Nigeria – Reliability test

Fastest Telecom Network Operator In Nigeria

Broadband internet spread in Nigeria has successively been accelerating year on, given the youthful percentage of subscribers in the country. In a general purview, internet network is accessible to majority of Nigerians. However, at what speed is this offered to

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Segun Ogunsanya – The witted CEO of Airtel Nigeria

Segun Ogunsanya

Segun Ogunsanya is the only Nigerian CEO of a major telecom company in the country aside Glo’s Mike Adenuga. He dictates the affairs of Airtel Nigeria, a division of Airtel Africa. The root company of Airtel Africa is Bharti Airtel

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Airtel Ultra plans – revised data packages with bonuses

Airtel ultra data plans

Airtel ultra plans are revised data bundles from the telecom operator’s defunct ‘mega data package’. This new plans offer quite some bulk of data bonuses viz: 250MB, 500MB, and 1GB for it’s Ultra 10, Ultra 15, and Ultra 20 packages

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Airtel data plans 2020 — Cheapest bundles

Airtel data plans 2020

Airtel data plans 2020 are some of the most affordable among other packages from the four main telecom networks in Nigeria. It’s main competitor by virtue of data volume is Globacom. Official statistics from the country’s regulatory body – the

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Airtel tariff plans 2020 — Cheapest call packages

Airtel tariff plans 2020

Airtel Nigeria is arguably one of the cheapest telecom network provider in the country in terms of price of services. Their data packs value is second only to the ones from Globacom. Consequently, little wonder, the Airtel tariff plans 2020

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COVID-19: How are telecom operators intervening?


COVID-19 is a viral disease declared by the World Health Organization, WHO in March 11 as a global pandemic. The novel virus first discovered in Wuhan, the capital of China’s Hubei province, has led to more than 50,000 deaths globally.

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