Win Back Offers of Major Nigerian Telecom

Do you know that you can get huge rewards simply by re-activating your dormant lines? Interestingly, all the major Nigerian telecoms, namely MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile offer huge win back offers that allows you to get some interesting rewards when you reactivate your lines.

How Does it Work

It is as simple as it sounds. Your line only needs to be inactive for a specific period of time; the length of time depends on the telecom in question and the benefit also varies depending on the telecom.

MTN Welcome Back Offers

MTN Welcome Back offer

To get the whopping 2000% increase offered in MTN’s Welcome Back offer, your MTN line has to be inactive 45 – 180 days. Being inactive simply implies that you have not performed any chargeable activity within the timeframe.

To get the benefit, you have to recharge between 100 and 1000 NGN and you will be automatically awarded 20 times the amount you recharged.

However, only 25% of the amount should be used for voice calls, 75% can only be used for data. The obtained bonus is valid only for three months and you can check the balance by dialing *559*65#.

Airtel Win Back Offers

Airtel win back offers

Just like MTN, Airtel offers 2000% increase in their win back offers but unlike MTN, your line has to be inactive only for 30 days to qualify for this benefit.

Airtel rewards you 20 times your recharge amount when you recharge between 100 and 1000 NGN but you can only get the win back offer if you activate it. The offer can be activated by dialing *241# and choosing your preferred option.

Furthermore, you can only use 25% of the bonus for voice calls and 75% for data and the bonus is valid only for 30 days. You can check your balance by dialing *123#.

Glo Welcome Back Offers

Glo win back offers

Glo is known for offering whopping benefits but its welcome back offer is a little bit lower than that of MTN and Airtel. Glo offers 6 times the recharge amount in their win back offer.

To qualify for Glo welcome back offer, your Glo line must be inactive for 30 days. Once you recharge between 100 and 1000 NGN, Glo will automatically award you the benefit.

However, 80% of Glo’s welcome back offer can only be used for voice call and 20% for data. The offer is valid for 30 days or when exhausted and you can check the balance by dialing #122*34#

9Mobile Win Back Offers

9mobile win back offers

With 9mobile, you can enjoy a whopping 2000% win back offer if your line is inactive for 30 – 180 days. You only have to recharge 200 NGN to get this benefit.

In other words, on recharging 200 NGN, 9mobile will automatically award you 4000 NGN. 25% of the benefit can be used for voice calls while 75% can be used for data. The offer is valid only for 30 days.

In conclusion, each of the top telecoms in Nigeria offers interesting win back offers. You can choose the win back offer that suits your need to enjoy whopping benefit when you activate your mobile line.

Win Back Offers Cheat Sheet

Winback Offers Nigeria

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