Welcome To Airtel Plan For New Subscribers

Welcome to AirtelAirtel lures new subscribers to their network with a new bumper package called ‘Welcome to Airtel‘ with the intention of making them stay committed to the network.

In the Nigerian telecommunication sector, the companies are always trying to outdo each other and Airtel has come out with a new mouthwatering and innovative plan meant to entice people to join their growing list of subscribers to their network. The name of the plan is Welcome to Airtel plan.

The scheme is to allow new subscribers and customers to enjoy 5 times any recharge they make from 100 naira upwards. It is an impressive concept from Airtel and it’s a way to expand the number of growing customers and also poach customers from the other telecommunication companies to theirs. For example, when you recharge 100 naira, your main balance still remains 100 naira, and you get an added bonus for surfing the web and making calls. For example, 100 naira, you get 250 naira for Airtel to Airtel calls and 150 naira worth of Airtel data which is 50 megabytes. The down side is the lower you recharge, the faster it expires like 100 naira recharge expires in 24 hours while 1000 naira recharge expires after 14 days.

Airtel has finally set up itself on the map and now they have all the other networks scurrying after them trying to do damage control so that they will not lose their customers. While this is good for new telecommunications subscribers generally, it is unfortunate that the plan is not as flawless as it actually looks.

My opinion

First of all, Airtel risks losing its old customers from their network because they have focused fully on getting new customers and are forgetting that their old customers have to be rewarded too so why not make the plan for everyone? Another thing I noticed is that the bonus calls can only be made to other Airtel lines and not all networks and that does not sit well with me.

In all Airtel should be given kudos for this innovative and bold move to gain more customers to their network. If you are already a subscriber, please drop your comment and let us know what you think.


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