The Long-awaited Update on MTN Data Plans

If you have been waiting for an update on MTN data plans, you are not alone. The truth is that MTN kept to its data plans for a very long time but it has recently been updated.

The good news is that MTN new data plans are better than the network’s previous data plans.

Update on MTN data plans

The Major Difference Between the Previous and Updated MTN Data Plans

In its previous data plans, MTN was fond of offering data bonuses that could only be used in early morning hours between 1:00 am and 7:00 am. However, the new data plan structure rarely offers such bonuses. As a matter of fact, the bonuses are offered only on the daily N200 plan and the N500 weekly plan.

This is good news because you no longer have to wait until midnight or wake up early in the morning to enjoy MTN bonus data. In fact, most plans where the bonuses were previously offered are now updated to the total data volume.

For instance, previously, the N1,000 monthly data plan had a main volume of 1GB and a bonus of 500MB. However, in the new structure, the N1,000 data plan has a main volume of 1.5GB. The same update applies to other data plans.

Also, the data plans which previously do not have night bonuses have been updated and MTN has introduced some new and interesting data plans such as the N350 daily data plan, N500 weekly data plan and N15,000 monthly data plan.

The New MTN Data Plan Structure

Daily Data Plans

There are a lot of updates on MTN daily data plans. The N50 data plan has been updated to 25MB, N100 plan is now 75MB but no night bonus.  However, there is no update on the N200 data plan.

Furthermore, MTN has added a new data plan to the daily plan – the N350 data plan. This is perhaps one of the innovative and beneficial MTN data plans as it offers a whopping 1GB data. You can subscribe to the N350 data plan by texting 155 to 131.

Two-Day Plan

MTN now offers an interesting offer in its two-day plan. With just N500, MTN subscribers can enjoy an amazing 2GB. This is a super-cheap offer coming from MTN. You can subscribe by texting 154 to 131.

Weekly Plans

The network has always offered two weekly data plans – N300 data plan and N500 data plan. However, only the N300 data plan has been updated. In the past, the N300 data plan had a data volume of 150MB but now its data volume is 350MB. A whopping 200MB addition.

Monthly Data Plans

Each of MTN monthly data plans has been updated, offering better value and benefits and there is absolutely no night bonus.

N1,000 data plan now goes for 1.5GB, night bonus has been struck out. N1,200 plan is now 2GB, N2,000 plan 3.5GB, N3,500 plan 6.5GB, N5,000 plan 11GB, and N10,000 plan 25GB.

Furthermore, MTN now has a new addition, the N15,000 data plan with a whopping data volume of 40GB. You can subscribe to this data plan by texting 150 to 131.

2-Month and 3-Month Plans

MTN offers two 2-month plans – the N20,000 plan and the N30,000 plan. However, only the N20,000 plan has been updated – from a data volume of 50GB to 60GB.

Only one 3-month data plan is now offered by MTN – the N75,000 plan has been struck out and there is no update on the N50,000 data plan.

MTN did not only update most of its data plans but it introduced a few new and interesting offers. Take advantage of some amazing and impressive MTN data plans to enjoy more.


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