Top 4 Cheapest Data Plans in 2019

Are you tired of spending money unnecessarily on data? Perhaps you need to opt for the cheapest data plans in 2019. Interestingly, each of the top network providers in Nigeria provides some super-cheap data plans and you definitely need to check them out.

While Glo still maintains its title as the “king of data”, MTN, Airtel and even 9mobile have some offers that are not just attractive but rewarding.

Here are the cheapest data plans in 2019 you definitely need to check out.

Cheapest Data Plan on MTN

cheapest mtn data plan in 2019

Do you know you can get a whopping 4GB for just N1000 on MTN? This lucrative offer is not very popular among MTN users, nonetheless, it is available for prepaid customers.

To begin, dial *131*65#. On dialing the USSD code, a menu will pop up on your phone showing three options: 250MB plan valid for 3 days, 1GB weekly plan, and 4GB monthly plan.

Here is the interesting part – the 250MB plan costs just N100, the 1GB weekly plan costs N200 and the whopping 4GB plan costs just N1,000.

If this seems “unlike” MTN to you, you are not alone. But the good news is that you can use it to do anything from browsing to video streaming and downloading heavy files.

Cheapest Data Plan on Airtel

cheapest airtel data plan in 2019

Airtel throws in some attractive data plans every now and then. So, subscribers who want to take advantage of every good thing in the network should fine-tune their antenna always.

The Airtel YouTube streaming plan is one of the cheapest data plans available for subscribers. This plan is not just for YouTube streaming; you will be provided 1.5GB all-purpose data and 3GB free YouTube data just for N1,000.

To access this offer, dial *323# on your Airtel line and select 1.

Cheapest Data Plan on 9mobile

cheapest 9mobile data plan in 2019

9mobile is known for really awesome data plans and offers. Perhaps, one of the most awesome data plans available for 9mobile subscribers is the special Ramadan data offer.

This special data offer may not be available for a long time, so subscribers should take advantage of it as quickly as possible. With the special Ramadan offer, you can get 1GB for N200. Dial *929*10# to take advantage of this offer.

Cheapest Data Plan on Glo

glo data plan

Although Glo has reduced its data volume, it still offers the cheapest data plans in 2019. In fact, Glo’s data plans are unrivaled by any other network in Nigeria.

Glo N1,000 data plan gives 1.8GB, N2,000 gives 5GB, N2,500 gives 7.2GB and so on. However, it becomes interesting when you start using Glo Oga SIM. With the Oga SIM, you can access a 125% bonus on your data.

In other words, the Oga SIM data plan for N1,000 gives 3.6GB, N2,000 gives 8.2GB, N2,500 gives 12.9GB. In fact, you can literally double your data volume on Glo just by switching to an Oga SIM.

In a nutshell, you can access the cheapest data plans in 2019 on any network in Nigeria. You really don’t need to migrate to another network, each network has an interesting feature customized just for you.


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