Review Of The Latest Mobile Phones Introduced In Nigeria

In 2015, countless mobile phones hit the Nigerian market and because of their excellent quality and design, these devices are still bubbling and making waves.
Infinix Hot Note - Mobile Phones
Among the lists of excellently designed and manufactured phones that made it into the Nigeria market, we have painstakingly picked the top 3 among them. The fact that entries of new phones are still expected for 2016, my top three current reviews of the latest devices; though introduced last year, can still be described as the latest. So, without further ado, below is the unveiling of the latest brand still relevant and making waves.

Top wave-making phone brands

The names of the mobile phones that are still making waves and still relevant in the Nigeria markets are: Infinix hot note, Tecno, and Samsung. These brands are selected based on their affordability, speed, battery life, Ram flexibility, internal storage, popularity, sales turnover, and camera quality

Tecno Phantom 5 Phone - Mobile Phones
Infinix Hot note, Tecno phantom, and Samsung meets most of these criteria listed above. For example, when Infinix was introduced, it was sold out within a week; now, how is that for fast sales? The same goes for Tecno H8 Phablet and phantom brands. Not forgetting, Samsung Galaxy S4, S6 edge, S6 and their famous note book sequence. These devices hit the market with a very resounding blast that shook the market in a very big way.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - Mobile Phones
The devices are still available and are sold in popular e-tailers like Konga. It will also interest you to note that Nigeria isn’t the only African country that was shaken by these devices, Kenya and South Africa also had their fair share of the devices’ impact.

Well, this is my list of very interesting current phones devices introduced into the Nigeria Market in 2015. They are current and still making their impact.

Do you have a list of top current phones in Nigeria, please share with us; and also don’t forget to share this page to your peeps on facebook, twitter, Pinterest, etc.


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