Top 3 Telecom Promos in 2020

Despite the ravaging effect of the COVID-19, telecom operators in Nigeria continued to offer awesome promos. Among the leading promo offerors are Glo and 9mobile, however, other operators have in some ways offered discounts and interesting promos.

Ready to learn more about the top telecom promos in 2020? Read on to learn more.


Glo cashback loyalty program

Globacom has always been the king of data and telecom promos and it remains so. Despite its topsy-turviness in network access, Glo offers some of the best rewards programs in the telecom industry. The Glo rewards cash-token is a testament to this. Subscribers who participated in the rewards program stood a chance to win between N5,000 and N100 million per week alongside with a CASHTOKEN of N6 each time they recharged their lines.

Existing Glo customers earned cash tokens whenever they make a recharge up to N1,000. Cumulative recharges are counted as well. However, new customers earn cash tokens on their first recharge of N200.

The Glo rewards promo was truly an interesting promo that allowed subscribers to win millions of naira. The winners were judged based on their volumes of recharges. In other words, the more the amount you recharge per week, the more you stand to win.

9mobile Mega Millions Telecom Promos

9mobile mega millions telecom promos

When it comes to offering mind-blowing bonuses and telecom promos, 9mobile is second only to Glo. Like the Glo rewards program, 9mobile mega millions promo is a cashback promo that allows 9mobile customers to win big. Subscribers could win between N1 million and N10 million in the hourly and monthly prizes.

Unlike the Glo rewards program, 9mobile customers can win prizes every hour and day. They also stand a chance to win a whopping N10 million grand prizes. New customers also stand a chance to get amazing bonuses (up to 100% airtime bonuses plus data) each time they recharge their lines.

This promo is still ongoing.

Glo My Own Don Beta Promo

my own don beta

My Own Don Beta promo is one of the earliest telecom promos in 2020. Also known as the Recharge and Win Big promo, the promo which started on October 3, 2019, intensified in the new year. To participate in the promo, Glo customers were required to recharge at least N200 in a day. This could be in a single recharge or cumulative recharges.

Like many other Glo promos, the chances of winning the promo increased with the customers’ recharges.

Glo customers won a lot of awesome prizes in the Recharge and Win Promo. Among these were industrial sewing machines, generators, tricycles (popularly known as Keke), grinding mills, and so on.

In conclusion, when it comes to telecom promos in 2020, Glo and 9mobile stand shoulder high above others. These promos offered customers the opportunity to win millions of naira per day, week or month. Other telecom providers have interesting bonuses but none of these come close to these awesome promos.


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