How Does Spectranet Fibre On Air Work?

Spectranet Fibre On Air is an excellent way to connect wireless internet to your home through Spectranet’s Wireless to the Home (WTTH). The high-speed broadband internet makes use of state-of-the-art features such as adaptive modulation, beamforming, MIMO, and interference mitigation method to provide super-fast internet in a home.

Spectranet fibre on air

Different Plans of Spectranet Fibre On Air

Before delving into Fibre On Air plans, it is important to note that Spectranet operates only in four Nigerian cities: Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, and Abuja. It should also be noted that data speed varies in each of these cities with the highest speed in Lagos.

Spectranet Fibre on Air has two plans, namely, Airfiber standard and Airfiber premium. These plans offer unlimited data volumes but their data speeds vary depending on the location. Moreover, they are both valid for one month.

The highest data speed is obtainable in Lagos reaching up to 7Mbps for the standard plan and 10Mbps for the premium plan. In addition, the cheapest prices for these plans are also offered in Lagos at N17,915 and N20,475 for the standard and premium plans respectively.

airfibre lagos

For the rest of the cities, the data speeds are up to 4Mbps and 8Mbps respectively and the prices are N20,475 and N25,595 for the standard and premium plans respectively.

airfibre abuja

Advantages of the Fibre on Air

Fibre on Air offers a lot of benefits. As mentioned above, it offers unlimited data for a period of one month and the data speed can reach up to 10Mbps in Lagos and up to 8Mbps in other cities. This means that you can download gigabytes of data in a few minutes.

Unlike most other plans and other networks, Spectranet Fibre on Air does not place a limit or cap on the data usage. Also, the data speed is not throttled no matter the amount of data you consume within the validity period. This makes the plan suitable for heavy internet users.

Fibre on Air also benefits from express installation. The installation process is fast, easy, quick and requires no technical expertise. You will also enjoy static IP address and Spectranet’s superior customer support.

In conclusion, Spectranet Fibre On Air lives up to its promises. It allows you to connect your entire home via the dual-band wireless router to enjoy superior Wi-Fi technology with little or no fluctuations. Although you can get great data services from other network providers, Spectranet’s unlimited data is one of the cheapest, fastest and most efficient. This allows for unlimited downloading, streaming and gaming.


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