Traveling for Russia 2018? Find out the Call Rates of Top Mobile Carriers in Nigeria

You wouldn’t want to miss Russia 2018, would you? Sure, the answer is quite obvious. The 2018 World Cup to be held in the Eurasian country promises to be exhilarating, astounding and awesome. While you earnestly desire that Super Eagles (or any other team you support) will emerge a winner, you surely don’t want to disconnect from your loved ones.

Interestingly, the world is now a small global village. You can keep in touch with your loved ones from anywhere in the world. However, most mobile carriers in Nigeria have their individual costs for each international location.

It makes perfect sense to know the international call rate to and from Russia even before you embark on a trip to the FIFA World Cup – Russia 2018. Here are the call rates to Russia offered by the major telecoms in Nigeria.

Nigeria – Russia Calls with MTN NG

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Making calls from Nigeria to Russia with MTN is easy. No special configuration is needed but the call rate is pegged at N180/min. SMS from Nigeria to Russia costs N35 per SMS.

However, the case is a bit different if you intend to make calls from Russia. Making calls from an international location using your local line is known as roaming.

The processes for roaming differ with the mobile carrier but MTN makes its roaming simple. MTN charges no connection fee, monthly fee or deposit for roaming. Besides, your line is already set up for roaming by default, you just have to start using it.

Interestingly, Russia has several roaming partners to MTN Nigeria – Tele2, KB Impuls, ZAO Smarts, MTS, and MegaFon. Each of these partners has their respective roaming costs but Tele2 appears to have the cheapest call rate to Nigeria at N150 per minutes. Others have N200 (KB Impuls), and N2010 (the rest).

Nigeria – Russia Calls with Glo NG

roam Russia 2018

Globalcom also makes international calls easy. Calls from Nigeria to Russia cost N90 per second with Glo.

To make calls from Russia to Nigeria, you may need roaming. Roaming on Glo as well as other networks offers a number of benefits such as:

  • Easy to be accessed by loved ones any day and anytime.
  • Using your same old Glo line abroad.
  • Ease, simplicity and convenience.
  • No registration or subscription charges involved.

However, to roam with your Glo line, you need to recharge the line adequately before you travel. Postpaid customers are required to pay a roaming deposit of N50,000.

Roaming rate varies with the roaming partner you choose; the options include MTS, NTC, Ermak, Beeline, Megafone, and Uraltel. Beeline has the cheapest rate for postpaid customers at N114.43 for incoming calls and N39 for outgoing calls.

Instead of prepaid and postpaid roaming, you can also opt for WiFi roaming or GPRS roaming.

Nigeria – Russia Calls with Airtel NG

airtel roaming Russia 2018

Sadly, Russia is not one of the four countries marked for lower call rates from Nigeria by Airtel but call from Nigeria to Russia is not so exorbitant. With Airtel, you can make calls to Russia from Nigeria at the rate of N120/min.

To make calls from an international location using your Airtel line, you may need to roam. Airtel has only one roaming partner for prepaid customers – Rostelecom. For postpaid customers, Airtel has 7 roaming partners.

These include OJSC VimpelCom (KB Impuls), Mobile TeleSystems Russia, Rostelecom (ERMAK RMS), NCC, Rostelecom, LLC Ekaterinburg, and Rostov Cellular.

Airtel international roaming service is activated by default on your Airtel line. To roam at a cheaper cost, you should opt for a roaming package that offers some discounts.

Nigeria – Russia Calls with 9mobile NG

9mobile Russia 2018

With the 9mobile IDD package, you can make calls to international destinations at low cost using your 9mobile line. Some locations are charged per minute for this option, whereas some are charged per second. Russia is charged per second. The call rate is N1.5/sec for Russia and N2.0/sec for Russia-VAS.

Roaming may be required to make calls from Russia during Russia 2018. Furthermore, 9mobile roaming does not require any activation and it is always advisable to recharge your line adequately before traveling.

Prepaid lines are active for roaming by default. Prepaid customers can easily top up their line with any online platform if they run out of credit. But postpaid customers are required to make a roaming deposit of N50,000 before traveling in order to activate their roaming.

To make calls to Nigeria while roaming with any of these services, it is necessary to dial in international format (example +234803***).

You can totally ditch call roaming while in Russia 2018 and rather opt for some other services such as VoIP services like Skype. However, roaming comes handy if you want convenience and want your friends, loved ones and business partners to easily contact you through your same old line, but obviously, this comes at some higher costs.


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