3 Top Reasons For Tecno’s Amazing Performance In The Nigerian Market

The story of a new company cannibalizing their competitors and even pushing them out of operation is no news, and this is the case of Tecno World Wide. What factors are responsible for their dynamite-success-blast in Nigeria?

The funny thing is when this company introduced their brand of mobile phone in the African market; its acceptance was lukewarm and as a result, was pushed into a hibernating condition. Today, their acceptance is simply out of this world, and I personally know why. My personal experience with one of Tecno’s phone brands simply astounded me, and by the boost in their sales that led to their astronomical success, you will agree that my “astounding” experience is justified. So, what factor caused the sky-high expansion of Tecno in the Nigeria market?

Fantastic phone design

Phantom 5 Tecno Phone
The first Tecno phone I owned was designed excellently. It is squared shaped, silver coloured, and so curvy that it fits perfectly into the palm of my hand. Since buying this phone, I have taken it as a duty to monitor the company’s different phone designs, and have never been disappointed.

Affordability and Features

Y4 Tecno Phone
Another very fantastic factor that made Tecno standout to dominate the market share is the affordability of their products. My first Tecno was bought for 6,500naira in 2011; and the experience was simply astounding. The features where excellent, and despite the cheapness of the phone, they ensured that its operations and features were not undermined by its affordability. I introduced the phone brand to most members of my family and friends; and they all have the same stories to tell.

It is also astounding that despite the cheapness of their phones, features that are available in other popular and expensive brands are also available in Tecno phone too. Amazing, isn’t it?


Despite the fact that I handled my first tecno phone badly – talk about constant dropping anywhere like hard floor, water, etc; it lasted for a pretty long time without repairs.

If you have ever used tecno, I am sure you will agree with my opinion; however, don’t get me wrong, I never meant to imply they are perfect; but sincerely speaking, I believe they are almost there. If you enjoy this review please share it, and also, do drop a review about your best phone brand.


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