How to Perform ntel Device Configuration

Ntel may not be the best network around but it is used by many people in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. To use the network, you should know how to carry out ntel device configuration to ensure that the network works as it should. Ntel configuration can be done for data over LTE alone and for voice and data over LTE. Ready to learn how to configure your device for Ntel? Read on.

device configuration for ntel

ntel Device Configuration for Data Over LTE Only

Since ntel works only on 4G LTE, the first thing you need to do is to ensure that your mobile device supports 4G LTE. You can do this by checking your smartphone’s network settings.

To configure your device, dial *#*#4636#*#*. This would bring up comprehensive information about your phone and the corresponding internet service. Then select “Phone Information”, and under “Set preferred network type”, choose LTE only. Click “update” to save your information.

Thereafter, activate airplane mode on your phone and allow it for some seconds. Turn off the airplane mode and check your device once again. At this point, your phone is configured for ntel 4G LTE. Note that after configuring your device for ntel, the data over LTE signal will display on the device.

Configuring for Voice and Data Over LTE

It is even easier to perform ntel device configuration for voice and data over LTE. To do this, you have to first insert your ntel SIM into the device. If the device is Voice over LTE compatible, it will display the VoLTE logo. The logo is shown below.

configure your device for ntel

If the logo is not showing you can follow the steps listed above to activate LTE on your device. Once the logo shows, you can start enjoying LTE services, HD video calls and other interesting internet services on ntel.

To use the ntel network for voice or data over LTE, you should carry out ntel device configuration. Follow the simple steps discussed above to configure your device and start enjoying LTE services on the network.


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