ntel Data Plans in 2020: An Overview

ntel data plans are designed to suit every data user. Whether you want limited or unlimited plans or even MIFI and router plans, ntel has got you covered. By providing a lot of options, ntel allows users to choose exactly what they want and make the most use of their data.

Ntel Capped Data Plans

ntel capped data plans

As the name suggests, capped data plans are capped at the displayed value. Ntel gives a specific data value for this plan which could be as low as 1GB and as high as 24GB.

Ntel offers five different capped plans. These include the N500 data plan capped at 1GB, N1,000 data plan at 2GB, N2,000 data plan at 4.5GB, N4,000 data plan at 10GB and N8,000 data plan capped at 24GB.

Each of these data plans is valid for 30 days and can easily be purchased through Quickteller.

Unlimited Data Plans

unlimited plans

Ntel was one of the first telecoms to offer unlimited data plans in Nigeria and they still live up to it. Starting from as low as N1,500, you can enjoy unlimited (no-cap) plans with various validity periods. Backed by high-speed internet, the plans allow you to browse, upload, download, and stream without limit.  

The unlimited data plans include four plans: unlimited daily, unlimited weekly, unlimited family, night plan, unlimited 180, and unlimited 365.

At N1,500, unlimited daily is the cheapest data plan with only 2 days of validity. The unlimited weekly plan costs as much as N5,200 for 7 days while the unlimited family is valid for one month but costs N18,500. The night plan is also valid for 30 days but is active from 12 am to 7 am daily, it goes for just N10,250. Ntel unlimited 180 is a long-term plan that costs N100,000 but valid for 180 days (6 months) while the unlimited 365 plan is a one-year plan that costs as much as N195,000.

Ntel Device Data Bundles

ntel device bundle

Device bundles are an efficient way to purchase data for an entire family or group. The bundles are designed for office use, gaming, online video streaming, and multiple connected devices. You can get data as cheap as N23,000 but the plans are all valid for 30 days.

Ntel offers 6 device bundles: Huawei MIFI 26k, Huawei MIFI 28k, Huawei MIFI 31k, Notion MIFI 24k, ntel TC X5 Router 43k, and ntel HL 560 Router 43k.

Huawei MIFI offers 10GB, 24GB and unlimited data for the N26k, N28k and N31k options respectively. Notion MIFI goes for N24,000 and both TC X5 and HL 560 routers cost N43,000.

Handset Bundles

handset bundle

Ntel handset bundle is an easy way to enjoy data, SMS and voice features from a single plan. Starting from N4,000, ntel handset bundles offer bundled plans with capped data and each is valid for 30 days.

The handset bundles comprise three plans: mini bundle, classic bundle, and max bundle. The mini bundle goes for just N1,000 and offers 1GB data, 10 SMS, 25 off-net, and 100 on-net minutes. The classic plan costs N4,000 and offers 4GB data, 25 SMS, 400 on-net and 100 off-net minutes while the max bundle goes for N10,000 and offers 10GB data, 50 SMS, 500 on-net and 200 off-net data.

In conclusion, if you need unlimited data, ntel data plans may be the best option for you. You can also go for other data options such as the handset bundle, device data bundle or even the ntel capped plans.


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