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Nigeria Online ShoppingNigeria online stores are actually increasing in number and set to make a mark. In the recent times, the online shopping market has witnessed an astounding emergence of these online stores in Nigeria.

Nigeria is not so far behind in the internet marketing businesses; and the emergence of online shopping is a manifestation of the fact that Nigeria is moving upward and rapidly expanding in the internet shopping race. As a matter of convenience, telcoinsider has decided to expose some major online retailers slugging it out to achieve supremacy. So, according to Alexa ranking (Find out more about Alexa), you will discover some of the top rated Nigeria internet stores.

1. Jumia

The first on the list is the undisputable Jumia stores. According to the Alexa ranking, the store ranks 772 globally and number 6 in Nigeria. And as far as my personal experience goes, I would say they are simply the best. I have bought many products via Jumia and they have proven to be simply excellent. They offer a wide range of products with very high professionalism. Due to their customer-focused operation, customers are served exclusively and products are delivered exactly as ordered.

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2. Konga

With Alexa Nigeria ranking of 9; you will agree they are closely behind Jumia. My personal experience with Konga isn’t so good as far as shipments is concerned. I once ordered for a mattress and micro wave oven; but they failed to deliver; so I had to order directly from the sellers. Like Jumia, they offer all kinds of products for sale in Nigeria.

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3. Dealdey

No personal experience with DealDey, but I love the fact that they are dedicated to selling very affordable but incredible deals. They have been operating as an e-commerce store for a very long time; so they sure know how to treat their customer’s right. DealDey has a Nigeria Alexa ranking of 26.

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4. Yudala

The store is set to capture the heart of Nigerians because of their honest business ethics based on payment after your order is delivered. They seem to be doing what many bigger stores are unable to do. My humble prediction is that this store will soon overtake the bigger fish to occupy the top position in the near future. In accordance with their ethics, they dared to come up with a ridiculous price slash in their black Friday sales; an action that confirms their readiness to cannibalize their competitors.

Shop at Yudala

5. Kaymu

Kaymu is our next top online shopping mall in Nigeria. I had an astounding experience with Kaymu once; though a little while ago; but they are obviously still performing excellently. They offer one of the cheapest products arround, their promos are guaranteed, customers service is great, and delivery, simply, awesome.

Shop at Kaymu

Well these are my personal views so far. I am sure you have some experiences with one or more of these stores. Please feel free to drop your reviews about any online stores in Nigeria and also share this page with your friends.


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