2016 Amazing Launch: Netflix Nigeria, the good and the bad

Netflix NigeriaIf you are a film buff and have been longing for the day Netflix will extend their services to Nigeria, congratulations! Your wish has just come true. The American Based video streaming website is here in Nigeria!

For the first time Nigerians now have the opportunity to also access cheap and easy avenue to acquire the most films for their money by buying a Netflix account. The video streaming company provides thousands of film titles you can get as streamed content, rent on DVD or Blue Ray, or through regular mail service. So, no more constant trip to a video store to buy or rent films, you can get everything you want from one site through account upgrades. However, despite the multiple benefits you stand to gain from this multimillion dollars company, there is also a snag that could undermine their successful operations in Nigeria. What exactly is the problem?

Expenses connected with Netflix data

One of the major problems that could weaken and possibly cause a snag in the operations of Netflix operations in Nigeria is high cost of data plans. Currently, many people struggle with the high-cost of data plans in Nigeria. Data bundles in Nigeria is simply too expensive and drains fast. Imagine if browsing low data consuming sites like facebook, twitter, or simply chatting drains data quickly, what will be the outcome of video streaming or downloading?

Therefore, except Netflix have already come up with an excellent solution to combat this expensive data problem, their services will only be accessed by few Nigerians who may not even be within the age classification served by the company. The only possible solution will be to reduce the cost of data bundle and consumption.

While we are singing praises and lauding the amazing launch of Netflix in Nigeria, we should do so with a little caution because there are still many hurdles to overcome. In the meantime, we keep our fingers cross and hope that their service extension in Nigeria also comes with a package that dissolves this imminent snag.


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