MTN XtraValue : Benefits, tariff billings, migration and bundles

The MTN XtraValue presents an avenue for subscribers to get a joint airtime and data value in one subscription.

Ordinarily, most subscriptions on the network are either uniquely for only data or solely for airtime reboosts. These purchases being unable to satisfy subscribers who fall within the midpoint bracket – those in need of both airtime and data, a third set of bundle became necessary.

This third but needed category of mobile subscription caters simultaneously for both the data and calling needs of a network user. It erodes the inconvenience associated with purchase of multiple airtime for data subscription and for calls.

MTN Nigeria has made this combination pack more relishing, as there are two subdivision of ‘a more of data’ pack, and ‘more of call time’ pack. This means that as a talking ace, I could place several yet numerous calls to family members and friends, get offered a data allocation for me to slide intermittently into the internet, all while still within my set budget.

Conversely, as an unrelenting internet user, I could access priority contents from the world wide web, catch up with friends on social media, and get a call time allocation necessary to offset any calling undermine.

The MTN XtraTalk bundle is one which gives you more airtime than data, while the XtraData bundle gives you more data than airtime.

MTN XtraValue

More details about the MTN XtraValue

The XtraValue bundle could be used for calls to designated international destination and roaming (selected bundles only). Rates charged for local/national, international and outgoing & incoming calls while roaming are all different for both genre of the plan.

Rates charged on XtraTalk

  • Local call are charged at: N27/min
  • Int’l call at: N39.6/min
  • National SMS are sent at a rate of: N4/SMS
  • Outgoing Calls while roaming at: N630/min
  • Incoming from eligible destinations at: ₦420/min
  • Pay As You Go data at: N0.23/MB
  • PAYG rate while roaming: N110/MB

Rates charged on XtraData

  • Local call rate: N34.2/min
  • Int’l call rate: N39.6/min
  • SMS is charged at rate of: N4/SMS

Roaming and International calling approved destinations (XtraTalk/XtraData)

Eligible International Destinations while in Nigeria

Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States.

Eligible Destinations while Roaming

United States of America, Ghana, United Kingdom, Benin Republic, South Africa, Sau Arabia, China, France, Cameroon, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Canada, Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire, Spain, Senegal, Netherlands, Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan, Switzerland, Greece, Australia, Portugal, Belgium, Mexic Sweden, Malta, Czech Republic, Iran, Romania, Croatia, Cyprus, New Zealand, Austria, Poland, United Republic of Tanzani Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland.

Activation & necessary dialing codes

To activate any of the XtraValue package right from your dial menu, tap-in *123*2# and follow the necessary options to activate. Activations could also be carried out on the myMTN app, by use of their dynamic webportal, or by sending the designated keyword to 131.

Checking the main account balance is still through dialing *556#, while requesting for the details of your XtraValue bundle balance is made by dialing *559*61#.

MTN XtraValue code

It should be noted that upon activation, subscribers would automatically be migrated to the XtraValue tariff plans. Exception being on postpaid customers.

To disable autorenewal to any activated bundle, send No+Bundle code to 131. Example to disable automatic renewal for XtraTalk 500, all you have to do is send ‘NoD300’ to 131. You can evade auto renewal by always selecting ‘one-off’ from the pop-up menu that appears after subscription to any of the plans.

Learn much more about various other MTN tariff plans.

MTN Xtra Talk bundles

PlanData valueVoice valueValidityActivation keyword (to be sent to 131)
Xtra Talk N300(Locally within Nigeria)50MBN1,0007 daysV300
Xtra Talk N500(Locally within Nigeria)100MBN1,9507 daysV500
Xtra Talk N1000 (Locally within Nigeria)300MBN3,90030 daysV1000
Xtra Talk N2000 (Locally & while roaming)650MBN7,85030 daysV2000
Xtra Talk N5000 (Locally & while roaming)1.5GBN19,50030 daysV5000
Xtra Talk N10,000 (Locally & while roaming)2.5GBN39,00030 daysV10000
Xtra Talk N15,000 (Locally & while roaming)3.5GBN59,00030 daysV15000
Xtra Talk N20,000 (Locally & while roaming)4.5GBN80,20030 daysV20000

MTN Xtra Data bundles

PlanData valueVoice valueValidityActivation keyword (to be sent to 131)
Xtra Data N300(Locally within Nigeria)200MBN6007 daysD300
Xtra Data N500(Locally within Nigeria)500MBN1,0007 daysD500
Xtra Data N1000 (Locally within Nigeria)1GBN2,00030 daysD1000
Xtra Data N2000 (Locally & while roaming)3GBN4,00030 daysD2000
Xtra Data N5000 (Locally & while roaming)7.5GBN10,00030 daysD5000
Xtra Data N10,000 (Locally & while roaming)17.5GBN20,00030 daysD10000
Xtra Data N15,000 (Locally & while roaming)25GBN30,00030 daysD15000
Xtra Data N20,000 (Locally & while roaming)35GBN45,00030 daysD20000

End Note

The MTN XtraValue packages are one of the best telecom deals anyone could get in the country. On a personal note, it feels distressing and seemingly uneffective subscribing to a data plan in addition to a separate purchase of an airtime talktime. It’s even more irritating, when known that you could easily avoid this inconvenience.

As a consistent XtraValue subscriber, i’ve had only one case of distress with them: it wasn’t about the data value; not about their claimed airtime value when paired with actual count; but with a dishonest auto renewal experience. Normally, after exhausting my one-off 30 days bundle, i usually manual-renew the bundle; and the validity of the plan offsetted a further 30 days from the date of resubscription.

In a particular resubscription act, the bundle’s validity wasn’t offsetted but retained the duration of the earlier bundle. Expectedly, upon contacting their online representatives (this till date is their fastest query response means), the bundle’s duration wasn’t offsetted. They only had an unambitious, feckless consolation plea for the ‘inconvenience’ they admitted to have brought; and such wasn’t repeated anylonger till date.

MTN Nigeria is the widest telecom network in the country, and their XtraValue bundle is one of their best unreserved value-packed offers. All Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers are eligible to subscribe to this package.


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