Why MTN XtraTime May Be an Excellent Option

If you are like me, you probably don’t like the idea of borrowing airtime when you can just recharge using a USSD code from your bank. But sometimes, the banking services may be unavailable and you will be left with no choice than to borrow airtime. MTN XtraTime is the excellent option in such a case.

MTN makes it super-easy to not only borrow airtime but also borrow data – XtraByte package. The airtime borrowed with MTN XtraTime can be used for all chargeable activities such as voice calls, SMS, MMS, prepaid data bundles, premium rated services, MTN backup, MTN caller Tunez, MTN Play, and so forth.

MTN XtraTime

MTN XtraTime Eligibility Criteria

MTN XtraTime is not for every MTN customer. You must be eligible to use XtraTime. The following eligibility requirements include:

  • You must be an active prepaid customer.
  • Your main account must be between N0 and N12.
  • The SIM used must be registered.
  • You must be within your XtraTime credit limit.

Besides the aforementioned eligibility criteria, MTN also considers your monthly recharge frequency and your average monthly spend to deem you eligible for this service.

Accessing and Receiving MTN XtraTime

You can access MTN XtraTime by dialing *606#. This code brings up the menu below.

xtratime menu

Select 1 to check if you are eligible for the service, 2 for the XtraTime request, and 3 for XtraByte.

However, there is a catch with borrowing airtime on MTN. MTN charges a service fee of 15% of the amount you borrowed. This means that you will only receive N85 if you request an XtraTime of N100 and N170 if you request N200.

Furthermore, the charge rate on your calls, SMS and other services will depend on your current tariff plan. Everything remains the same as your normal tariff plan but your XtraTime credit will be loaded in a special XtraTime account.

How to Pay Back MTN XtraTime

After borrowing XtraTime on MTN, you can check your airtime balance by dialing *556#. You can also dial *606# and select 4. You will notice a negative balance on dialing *556#.

MTN XtraTime can be paid back through any airtime received via physical recharges, On Demand, DYA, Share N Sell and other means.

You don’t necessarily need to pay back the pending amount before borrowing again. You can borrow as many times as possible provided you stay within your credit limit. Furthermore, you can pay back MTN XtraTime even if you haven’t used the borrowed airtime.

Once you recharge, MTN deducts the XtraTime amount borrowed and if the recharge is higher than the amount, the rest is credited into your main account.


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