Enjoy Favorite Series, Sports and More on MTN StarTimes

MTN’s recent partnership with StarTimes Nigeria (dubbed MTN StarTimes) opens up a whole lot of interesting features and opportunities to MTN subscribers.

The partnership allows MTN subscribers to enjoy the video on demand (VOD) and unlimited entertainment available on StarTimes platform at an amazingly affordable price, thanks to the StarTimes “ON” App video streaming bundles.

Furthermore, the rates offered on MTN StarTimes are not obtainable in any other network in Nigeria.

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MTN StarTimes Video Streaming Pack Plans

MTN offers two video streaming pack plans on StarTimes ON, namely, the 750MB plan and the 2.25GB plan.

Subscribers can enjoy up to 60 minutes (1 hour) of streaming time on StarTimes ON by purchasing a data bundle of N150. It is also easy to subscribe to this pack and you can do so by texting “ST1” to 131.

Also, the 2.25GB plan offers 180 minutes (or three hours) of streaming time on StarTimes ON for just N400. MTN users can subscribe to this plan by sending the SMS “ST3” to 131. The two video streaming pack plans are valid for 24 hours.

The two plans have exactly the same features. The only difference lies in when the allocated time expires. Although you can purchase multiple StarTimes streaming bundle, you can only do so when your current plan expires. For instance, if you already purchased a 60-minute plan, you can only purchase another 60-minute plan when your current plan expires. The same goes for the 3-hour plan.

Other Unique Features about MTN StarTimes

The StarTimes bundles are available to all MTN customers – both prepaid and postpaid customers.

On StarTimes ON, MTN subscribers can now enjoy offers available in five premium StarTimes channels such as news, movies, religion, music, and other entertainment contents for free. These offers are revolutionary and mind-blowing especially because users of other networks pay to gain access to them.

Unlike some other MTN features and plans, StarTimes does not allow data rollover. The StarTimes data will reset to zero when the bundle expires and users will be notified to get another bundle and the bundle cannot be shared.

You can easily check your MTN StarTimes data balance and you can do so by dialing *559*95#. StarTimes ON has more than 70 channels and about 40 of them are free for users. These 40+ channels feature more than 100 hours of programs each day such as news, music, sports, entertainment, religious contents and so forth.


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