MTN’s Yafun Yafun Start Pack For New Subscribers

MTN Start Pack

MTN network uses its latest starter pack tariff plan’s incentives to lure more customers into joining its ever growing and wide network.

After being touted as the telecom with the largest subscriber base in Nigeria, MTN virtually lost their way and allowed the other networks to get ahead of them. But thanks to the level heads and innovative leadership they have, they managed to get their act together and come out with some of the best packages and incentives for their loyal customers.

One of their incentives to lure more customers into the MTN family is their start pack or better known as the yafunyafun offer.

To be eligible for this offer, all you have to do is join the MTN network by getting a new sim and registering it and automatically you have joined the yafunyafun package.

This package guarantees 500% extra on any airtime you load. For example, if you load 200 naira airtime, you automatically get 5x your 200 naira extra which means you end up with 1200 naira and also free data to surf the web.

Here is a notice though. The extra bonus is valid for only 3 days and the plan expires after 6 months and you will be reverted to the MTN beta talk tariff plan.

Opinion about MTN Start Pack

Once again MTN has come out with another juicy tit bit to lure, convince and woo more subscribers into their network with this good offer and maybe they may just get to have it their way but just thinking about it logically, is it really worth its weight in gold?

First the network had to be prodded into making an effort to lure customers when the other networks had been working aggressively to improve on their services. Other networks sad to say have better offers to give to new subscribers that beats the imagination and for MTN to get ahead again, they have to do a lot more like extending the expiry period of the bonus and increase the amount of data that they give free.

In defense of MTN though, they have given the other network’s star packs a run for their money increasing the level of competition through this thereby making the competition for better customer service paramount.


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