Impact of MTN Past and Upcoming Social Events to the Society

MTN NG needs no introduction. Though it has several rivals, it is the biggest telecom company in Nigeria with respect to its customer-base and otherwise. MTN’s success is due to many reasons such as its wide network coverage and other extra curriculum activities. More so, these extra curriculum activities involve social events.

Moreover, these extra curriculum activities invariably attract both MTN subscribers and non-subscribers. This is because they are very interesting and educative. MTN service is actually fun and filled with lots of social events.

Impact of these Social Events

These social events are very impactful to the Nigerian society. Below are some of the impacts of these events;

  • The events engender togetherness among different tribes in Nigeria.
  • They also promote cultural heritage in Nigeria.
  • Additionally, the social events help to eradicate tribalism in Nigeria.
  • They are very informative and educative. Some of them focus on diseases and sicknesses while also addressing their preventive measures.
  • In addition, the events improve social activities in Nigeria.
  • Since MTN service is also available in other countries, social events promote Nigerian cultural values to the rest of the world.

Past MTN Social Events

MTN has been very active in creating many interesting events. Below are some of the social events in the recent past.

Fela and the Kalatakuta Queens

fela kuti mtn social event

This event was held on the 28th of April, 2018. It was all about promoting the rich cultural music of late Fela Kuti. Also, it reflects on the messages portrayed by the lyrics of his songs.

These messages focused more on eradicating bad governance in Nigeria. The venue for this event was Terra Kulture Arena, Lagos. The event is often graced by numerous well-meaning Nigerians.

World Malaria Day

This event was held on the 25th of April, 2018 with the theme, “Ready to Beat Malaria”. It is focused on the complete eradication of malaria from the world at large. Resource persons were invited as guest speakers to speak and educate the masses on the dangers of malaria illness.

In addition, it was aimed at educating the attendees on the preventive measures to be taken to ensure that malaria is completely put into extinction. The venue for this social event was Lagos, Nigeria.

African Drums Festival

african drum festival mtn social events

This social event was held on the 21st of April, 2018. It was an event that brought together renowned musicians in Africa. This event was actually focused on showcasing talented African traditional beats and musical instruments. It was held in Ogun, Nigeria.

MTN Upcoming Events

MTN still has a plethora of events to roll out. Here is one event that will take place within few days.

Tech Fest 2018

This social event is to be held at Landmark Event Centre, Oniru, Lagos on 16th of May, 2018. It is aimed at showcasing new MTN technology that will soon be operational in Nigeria such as

  • Tech devices and gadgets
  • MTN 5G network and many more.

Furthermore, additional details on this and upcoming social events can be obtained from MTN NG Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.


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