Share MTN Bundles Easily With Your Staff With MTN SME Data Share

Nigeria has a growing digital market. Businesses rendering digital services usually require their staff to be online 24/7. In some cases, staff members may even work online from home. This poses a unique challenge. How do businesses ensure that their staff stays online? How do they manage their staff data usage? MTN presents an interesting solution to these in its MTN SME Data Share.

MTN SME Data Share – An Overview

Data sharing is not a new trend in the Nigeria telecom sector. Telecom giants like Glo also offer data share but MTN SME data share is one-of-a-kind.

MTN makes the data sharing process not only seamless but also allows businesses to plan and manage the amount spent by each of their staff on data. This service is perfectly designed for small businesses to curtail unnecessary expenses and help them to focus on what truly matters to the business.

Besides, it also makes it super-easy for the entire staff to have internet access irrespective of their geographical location. Furthermore, the employer would have a full control of the data share and management process, making it a win-win solution for small business owners.

How to Subscribe and Use the MTN SME Data Share Service

MTN offers basically three subscription plans for this service. These include the N5,500, N11,000, and the N25,000 data plans offering 10GB, 20GB, and 50GB and valid for 30 days, 30 days and 60 days respectively.

MTN SME Data Share plans

To purchase any of these bundles, you should migrate to the SME Plus Service Class by dialing *460# or texting 460 to 131.

You can recharge your account via VTU, recharge card, Cheque or even Quickteller. Data shares can be of various sizes. Specifically, the allowed data sizes for shares are 250MB, 500MB, 1GB, 2GB, and 5GB.

A sponsor is allowed to share a maximum of 10 times and he can share several times to a single beneficiary provided his limit is not exceeded. Also, beneficiaries are not allowed to receive data from more than one sponsor. In addition, the data received by a beneficiary has the same validity period as the originating data bundle and expires at the same time.

How to Share Data and Check Data Balance

Sharing data with this service is easy. You can do that either via SSD or SMS.

To share data via SMS simply send the keyword SMEA + phone number + Amount + PIN to 131. However, you need to ensure you share only the allowed data sizes. This is further clarified in the figure below.

MTN SME Data Share - How to share

You can also share via USSD by dialing *461# and following the prompt.

Furthermore, sponsors can check their data balance by texting DATABALANCE to 131 while beneficiaries can check their data balance by texting SHAREBALANCE to 131.

Whether you are a sponsor or a beneficiary, you can also check your data balance via USSD by dialing *461#.

There is surely no better tool than MTN SME Data Share to have a firm grip over your staff’s internet usage.


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