Reasons Why You Should Try MTN Night Plan

There are many reasons why Nigerians love to browse at night. First off, internet speed at night times is usually double or even triple the day-time speed. Besides high internet speed, most network providers in Nigeria offer night plans at an incredibly low price. MTN night plan is not only affordable but the network service is super-fast and excellent at night.

Why should you choose MTN night plan over other networks’ night plans? MTN is obviously the largest telecom in Nigeria. You don’t want to migrate to another network just to browse at night when MTN offers equivalent or even better features. Also, it is easy to subscribe to MTN night plan, you can even browse at night with some bonuses.

MTN night plan

The MTN Pulse Nightlife Bundles

To make the most of the night plan, one of the MTN tariff plans you should seriously consider is the “Pulse Nightlife”.

MTN Pulse offers a number of interesting features such as flat rate of 11kobo/sec for local calls, music streaming on Music+ at N10 per day and so forth.

With just N25, you can get a whopping 250MB and with N50, you can get 500MB Pulse Nightlife bundle. The data can be used to browse all through the night from 12 am to 5 am.

Furthermore, you can only subscribe to either of the bundles once per night. In other words, you can subscribe to both the N25 and the N50 bundle in one night but you cannot subscribe each of them more than once.

Also, the Pulse Nightlife bundles cannot be rolled over. Unused data is wiped off as soon as the validity period expires (that is, after 5 a.m.) each day.

It is easy to subscribe to MTN Nightlife bundle. Firstly, you have to migrate to MTN Pulse by texting 406 to 131. You can also do so by dialing *406#.

For the 250MB bundle, you can subscribe by sending NT1 to 131, and for the 500MB, you need to text NT2 to 131. Alternatively, just dial *406# and choose the bundle of your choice.

You can check your MTN Nightlife bundle by dialing *559*96#.

MTN Night Plan on Deal Zone

Alternatively, you can get data bonuses to browse at night by subscribing to some MTN weekly or monthly data plans.

The MTN N500 weekly data plan offers a data volume of 500MB plus a 250MB bonus for night browsing. The 250MB data bonus can be used from 1 am to 7 am and has the same validity period as the parent data plan (7 days). You can subscribe to this data plan by texting 103 to 131.

MTN offers two monthly plans with whopping data bonuses that can be used to browse at night. The MTN N1,000 data plan offers 1GB of data and a data bonus of 500MB. The data bonus can be used from 1 am to 7 am and is valid as long as the parent data plan (30 days). You can subscribe by texting 106 to 131.

In addition, you can also subscribe to the N2000 data plan with a data volume of 2.5GB and a bonus of 1GB. The bonus data can be used from 1 am to 7 am and is valid for 30 days. You can subscribe by texting 110 to 131.

Dial *131# to activate any MTN night plan of your choice. You can also choose to go with the MTN Nightlife on MTN Plus. Whichever way you choose, MTN has a great offer for you to browse endlessly at night.


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