MTN Mobile Number Portability – Porting from other networks (9mobile, Glo, Airtel) to MTN

Mobile porting refers to the movement of a mobile subscriber from a particular service provider to another, while still retaining the phone number offered by the previous telecom provider. Following same narrative, MTN mobile number portability is a unique modality which allows you transfer from your service provider to MTN, retaining your phone number despite the leap.

This seamless transfer automatically accords you a place in the receiving telecom network’s database, and it’s always effected just within hours. This government encouraged function empowers each telecom user the ability to bundle-out of a service provider and into another.

MTN Mobile Number Portability

However, the process isn’t as unfettered or as fluid as it is made to appear. Mobile number portability has its requirements, conditions and procedures laid down to be followed. All these considerations as it relates to MTN Nigeria, a leading operator in the country, would be clarified below.

More about Mobile Number Portability

In order to improve quality of services offered by telecom brands, the Nigerian government through the Nigerian Communication Commission, NCC, in 2013 rolled-out the Mobile Number Portability.

The purpose being to encourage quality of service as well as competition in the nascent sector.

Recent statistics

The effectiveness of the service could be argued, as only a meagre fraction of subscribers do undergo mobile porting.

A June 2020 report by the NCC identifies that 3,829 subscribers joined 9mobile through mobile porting. The telecom service provider maintained its regular feat as the telco with the highest port-in in the April-May 2020 period under review.

MTN Mobile Number Portability

The report went on to identify Airtel Nigeria as the telco with the second-highest gain in subscibers due to porting operations within the same time period. The commission reported that 2,246 subscribers switched sides from other competing telcos to Airtel. Market leader MTN and the indigenous brand, Globacom however had fewer number of portings to their networks with additions of 985 and 88 respectively.

Despite having impressive numbers of incoming subscribers, Airtel Nigeria however couldn’t prevent the loss of about 3,115 of its subscribers due to porting. While 9mobile came least with just 449 outgoing subscribers, Globacom and MTN followed behind Airtel in second and third spot consecutively, with 1,587 and 946 lost subscribers.

Lingering doubts about MNP explained

One popular query which one could possibly harbour about MNP is on airtime retention in a new carrier after porting.

It should be noted that upon porting to the new service provider, pre‐paid subscribers cannot retain their outstanding airtime credit. As such, it would be wise of such subscribers to use up all airtime and call bonus or risk its loss.

For post‐paid subscribers, all outstanding bills owed the previous service provider must be cleared before a porting process could be initiated. This includes any early termination fees agreed upon with the operator.

The porting process isn’t rocket science, it’s a simple process to initiate; it takes less time than some telecom processes despite it’s considerable importance. After a successful porting process, a confirmatory message would be sent to the user, although full transfer to the new operator might take some minute, possibly an hour.

It should also be noted that services like Voicemail, SMS, MMS plus other subsidiary services would be resetted after a complete switch to the new service provider.

Why port to MTN

MTN Nigeria is the largest telecommunication network in the country by subscriber strength. The South African operator controls about 39.7% of the country’s broadband market.

Although the service provider holds sway to quite a number of subscribers, the quality of service delivered by the telco is ostensibly yet to be matched. The MTN franchise is the only in the country that have gone practical over its intent on 5G implementation in the African largest economy.

Aside plans on coming up with 5G in the country, the telco’s 4G infrastructure is arguably one of the best in the country. In a recent analysis, we concluded that the MTN network is the fastest in the country. This is added to the known assertion that its value added services (VAS) are brought considerably low-priced for subscribers.

Sim cards

MTN however listed below, advantages in chosing its network for port-in:

  1. The network with the widest coverage
  2. The network with the most innovative ICT solutions
  3. The network that gives you the most bundled offerings
  4. The network that caters for all your technology needs
  5. The network that gives you the most high- profile events & experience
  6. In addition, you will enjoy the following products and services, among others:
    • Fastest data speed on 4G LTE network
    • MTN Mobile Money
    • MTN Mobile Internet Personalized customer care
    • A wide range of Value Added Services, etc.

MTN Mobile Number Portability — The porting proper

Requirements for porting

The following items are inevitable for a porting process to be initiated:

  1. Mobile number to be ported into — You should be able to provide your 11 phone digits.
  2. The name of your existing network — either Airtel, Glo or 9mobile
  3. Your first and last names — This should match with the one you provided during your SIM card registration. If you’re porting on behalf of a corporate organization, the company name would be needed.
  4. Your gender
  5. Your date of birth
  6. Your identity card — national ID, valid driver’s license, international passport or voter’s registration card

The Porting Process

MTN Mobile Number Portability for Corporate subscribers

Corporate organizations would need to meet up with an MTN Account Partner for the organization to assist with the porting process.

In the case where an organization doesn’t have an MTN Account Partner, the telco has provided contact details in which they could be reached so as to be provided with one. The telephone number is 01-460 0000 while the contact email is [email protected].

MTN Mobile Number Portability for individual subscribers

Porting for individuals is less taskful: the following steps are required.

    • Visit one of the office of the network operator you intend porting into — here you visit any MTN office.
    • A port request form would be offered to you upon request. Fill in the form.
    • The next step would require you to authenticate your ownership of the said phone number. This could be done in three ways:
      1. SMS: Texting PORT to 3232
      2. IVR: Dialling 3232 and follow the voice prompt.
      3. Web: Visiting – http://
    • Upon verification, the recipient network operator would issue you a new sim and it would have your present phone number instead of another.
    • After due validation, the Number Portability Clearing house, NPC will broadcast to all MNOs of your change of carrier as well as send you an SMS confirming your porting.

MTN nigeria

You may be denied porting

Although mobile porting is free and a process done upon request, one could be denied being ported. MTN Nigeria have listed certain conditions and possible infringement that may deny you being switched into its network. They are:

      • You have ported your cell phone number within the last 45 days.
      • You have been disconnected (your line is inactive).
      • Your mobile number is invalid within the Nigerian numbering plan.
      • Your number is not registered.
      • Your number has been reported stolen.
      • Your proof of identity is invalid.
      • The requisite creditability check for post-paid corporate lines is invalid.
      • Your number is invalid or not allowed to port due to fraud or other reasons.
      • There is any ownership change request pending with your existing operator.
      • Porting of the number is prohibited by a court of law.

MTN Mobile Number Portability — End Note

Porting to the MTN network offers any subscriber an equable telecommunication experience.

The process of MTN MNP is additionally tireless and takes just a little part of your time. Cheers!


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