MTN Mega Data Plans – Which is Best for You?

MTN offers a variety of data plans for light and heavy data users. MTN mega data plans are suitable for heavy data users who consume a lot of data in a month. From monthly to yearly data plans, MTN data plans can provide your supply of data for as long as you want.

The mega data plans could be a one-month plan, a two-month plan, a three-month plan, or a yearly plan. These plans are discussed below.

mtn mega data plans

MTN Monthly Data Plans

MTN has about 12 monthly data plans from the 1.5GB plan to the 110GB plan. As the name implies, these data plans are valid just for one month. Most heavy data users will find plans from 10GB and above suitable. With just N10,000, you can subscribe to the 40GB plan. Other higher data volumes include the 75GB data plan for N15,000 and the 110GB data plan for N20,000.

The table below summarizes MTN’s monthly data plans and how to subscribe to them.

AmountData VolumeSubscription Code
N1,0001.5GBText 106 to 131
N1,2002GB + Free YouTube Night StreamingText 130 to 131
N1,5003GBText 131 to 131
N2,0004.5GBText 110 to 131
N2,5006GBText 147 to 131
N3,0008GBDial *131# and follow the prompt
N350010GBText 107 to 131
N5,00015GBText 116 to 131
N6,00020GB Dial *131# and follow the prompt
N10,00040GBText 117 to 131
N15,00075GBText 150 to 131
N20,000110GBText 149 to 131

MTN Two-Month Data Plans

Two-month plans are not necessarily more voluminous than one-month plans but they offer subscribers an opportunity to use their data for a longer period. MTN mega data plans include three 2-month plans.

You can subscribe as low as N8,000 for 30GB and as high as N30,000 for 120GB. The table below shows the various data plans and how to subscribe to them.

AmountData VolumeSubscription CodeValidity
N8,00030GBText 119 to 13160 days (2 months)
N20,00075GBText 118 to 13160 days (2 months)
N30,000120GBText 138 to 13160 days (2 months)

MTN Three-Month Mega Data Plans

You can even subscribe to MTN mega data plans with higher data volumes and longer validity period. MTN 3-month plans are probably the ideal plan for super-heavy data users.

MTN offers two 3-month data plans, namely; 150GB data plan and a 250GB data plan, each with a validity period of 90 days. These plans are suitable for those who stream high-definition videos for a long-time. The plans are summarized in the table below.

AmountData VolumeSubscription CodeValidity
N50,000150GBText 133 to 13190 days (3 months)
N75,000250GBText 134 to 13190 days (3 months)

MTN Yearly Data Plan

The yearly data plan is a smart saving option for heavy data users who prefer a one-off payment for their data. Although the initial cost is very high, these data plans are cost-effective options. In other words, you will be saving a lot of money each month as compared to the monthly, 2-month, or even 3-month data plans.

MTN mega data plans offer three options in the yearly data plans. These include the 400GB plan, 1TB plan, and 2TB plan. These are shown in the table below.

AmountData VolumeSubscription CodeValidity
N120,000400GBText 156 to 131365 days (1 year)
N250,0001000GB (1TB)Text 136 to 131365 days (1 year)
N450,0002000GB (2TB)Text 137 to 131365 days (1 year)

In conclusion, MTN mega data plans are suitable for heavy data users and small businesses. Larger businesses may prefer enterprise and business plans. With the mega data plans and MTN 4G LTE, you can stream 4K videos for a long-time and keep tabs with the latest events online.


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