Mouthwatering Benefits of MTN Kpalasa Offer

MTN Kpalasa or Deal Zone offer is a top of the line reward or bonus program available to MTN customers on new 3G or 4G devices. The feature allows MTN users to enjoy a whopping 100 percent or 50 percent bonus on their data recharges for three or six months as the case may be.

4G or 3G devices on a special partnership with MTN will enjoy the offer for six months but those that are on standard offer will enjoy the offer for 3 months. While 4G devices attract a 100 percent bonus on each data recharge, 3G devices attract a 50 percent bonus.

MTN Kpalasa

How to Activate MTN Kpalasa Offer

To activate MTN Kpalasa offer, you should start by getting a new 4G or 3G enabled device. Where the device is purchased is immaterial but you just need to ensure that it is either 4G or 3G enabled depending on the bonus you want.

Furthermore, the device does not necessarily have to be new. You can also use an old 4G or 3G enabled device provided it has never been used with an MTN SIM.

Once the device is ready, insert a registered MTN SIM and you will receive a “Welcome SMS” indicating that you have received the bonus offer. You can then recharge your data and enjoy the offer.

Also, if you are using a dual SIM phone, each SIM slot would be eligible for the offer provided they are all 4G or 3G enabled.

Features that apply to the MTN Kpalasa Offer

Once you are on MTN Kpalasa, you can manage your line in exactly the same way you would ordinarily do in MTN. For instance, if you want to check your data bundle, you can do so the usual way by texting 2 to 131, dialing *131*4# or using your MyMTNApp.

Unlike the paid data, the data bonus will not be rolled over if you do not exhaust it before the validity period.

Furthermore, you may also be eligible for the Deal Zone if you have not used your USIM (4G SIM) or 3G SIM for the past 12 months.

MTN Kpalasa offer is a great way to enjoy huge data offer. By using the 4G option, you can enjoy huge data bonus with the 100 percent bonus offered for each recharge within the six months duration. The bonus data can be used just like your normal data to browse, download files and videos, stream videos and even access social networking platforms.


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