MTN International Calling – Rates, details and subscription

MTN Nigeria is the telco of choice to many and so are its calling tariffs. The MTN International calling packages and accompanying rates are one of the best in the country (if not solely the best).

This is no surprise given the telecom firm’s penchant for ushering affordable calling offers.

The favourited telco has made an extension of this goodwill to it’s international calling. International calling relates to the making of phone calls to receivers outside a specified country. These calls are necessarily made using the terminating country’s international call format. And these calls are usually more exorbitant than local calls.

MTN international calling

In a recent article still on international calling, an explanation was provided on the reason why such is so.

Placing calls to family, friends or associates abroad in select nationalities has been made cheaper with excellent international direct dialling packages from service providers and most importantly MTN Nigeria, the telco under review in this piece. This is in addition to discounted call rates to several wide list of countries.

Meanwhile, an analysis recently made revealed that the MTN BetaTalk tariff plan offered the most call time among all tariff packages from the telco with 13.9 calling minutes. Getting to know more about the tariff plans packed with good calling incentives will greatly complement any subscriber’s call time.

Why Chose MTN for International Calling?

Aside being a choice netwok for affordable local call rates, the international calling rate with the telecom brand is apparently much cheaper than those of 9mobile.

The MTN brand has the widest coverage in the country, as such, with this advantage, they are able to offer a reduced rate for calls to various international destinations. Even more reduced are rates to selected eighteen foreign destinations with an IDD bundle. These bundles are domiciled into prices such that different classes of subscribers are able to afford.

MTN international calling

Although not directly related to international calling, it is interesting to note that the MTN roaming is one of the most affordable. The roaming bundles offered by the telco are aside being cheap, effective for calls to wide numbers of travel destinations.

With MTN XtraValue, an international call rate of N39.6 per minute is charged from an acquired bundle. The tariff package offers two set of bundle types: the XtraData, which give more data than airtime; and the XtraTalk, which offers more calling airtime that data.

Remember, the XtraValue plan is one which offers subscribers the benefits of an airtime plus data values upon subscription to any its bundles. This function overrides the need for a multi-subscription for data as well as another for call time values.

The XtraValue pack when used with the bundles available on the IDD packs flaunts more reason why just anybody should opt for the MTN brand when favourable call time (whether local or international) is sought for.

MTN International Calling Bundles

The following 18 select countries are the eligible call destinations the calling bundles are slated to be used for. There are:

  1. Canada
  2. China
  3. Germany
  4. India
  5. Ireland
  6. Malaysia
  7. South Africa
  8. United Kingdom
  9. United States
  10. Sweden
  11. South Korea
  12. Israel
  13. Hong Kong
  14. Romania
  15. Denmark
  16. Cyprus
  17. Malta
  18. Luxembourg

MTN Nigeria

MTN has just three comprehensive bundles for it’s international calls. There are:

  1. MTN international dialing bundle 300: This bundle gives subscribers intending to place calls to the above listed eighteen countries, 20 minutes of international call time at a cost of just N300. This translates to N15 per call minute which is higher than the rate offered by Glo in its similar international call pack. To subscribe for it, one is required to text the keyword IDB300 to 131. Upon doing so, an airtime value of N300 would be deducted from your main account balance. This bundle lasts for only 3 days.
  2. MTN international dialing bundle 500: MTN IDB 500 gives 40 international voice minutes for N500. This gives a N12.5 per minute call rate, and this is still higher than a similar package from Globacom. To buy the international calling bundle, text IDB500 to 131. This bundle lasts for 7 days.
  3. MTN International dialing bundle 1500: The is the highest priced international bundle from MTN. It offers 150 international voice minutes at a cost of N1500. To purchase the bundle, all you’re needed to do is text IDB1500 to 131 and you must have the required airtime credit available on the line you intend to subscribe to. The validity of this bundle is 30 days.

The necessary nuggets about MTN international dialing bundles are tabulated as follows:

Bundle TypeIDB300IDB500IDB1500
Bundle price (NGN)3005001500
Subscription keywordIDB300 to 131IDB500 to 131IDB1500 to 131
Bundle Minutes2040150
Validity (days)3730

Auto-renewal & other dialing codes

Like most MTN subscription packages, the IDD bundles offered here are automatically renewed after its validity elapse. This is probable as long as you have enough money in your main account at the time of renewal.

You can however stop the bundles from renewing automatically by sending the warranted cancellation keyword to 131 before the time of expiry.

  • To deactivate autorenewal for IDB300, text NoIDB300 to 131.
  • For IDB500 text NoIDB500 to 131
  • To disable autorenewal for IDB1500, text NoIDB1500 to 131.


Despite the inconvenience auto-renewal seems to bring to some, there’s an advantage in allowing it.

When a bundle expires, all the unused voice minutes would be wiped off from your bundle account except only on one condition.

This condition is that you renew your bundle before it expires. It then means that upon satisfying the condition, all your unused voice minutes will be rolled over to the next bundle cycle.

To check your bundle balance, dial *599*7#.

End note

Ferdi Moolman, the resilent CEO of MTN Nigeria has performed quite enormously in projecting the MTN brand towards becoming a reputable telecom trademark in the country.

In the month of April 2020, MTN maintained its status as the telecom brand of choice for voice calls by adding about 1 million active subscribers to its network. This brings its total subscriber strength to 74,673,648 representing a 39.2% of the total numbers in the country.

Despite this, the telecom provider still floats expensive packages under its network. Its international direct dialing packs weren’t omitted from this high-handedness in pricing: similar packs from Glo are accrued less price tag.


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