MTN InstaVoice – The Magic Brought to Life

MTN InstaVoice or Voicemail service makes life easier. Have you ever desperately wanted to call someone only to get the response: “The number you are calling is switched off, not answering or busy”? If you have, you would realize how frustrating it could be. But thankfully, InstaVoice solves the riddle.

MTN InstaVoice

What Exactly is MTN InstaVoice?

I bet you are already familiar with Voicemail. Surprisingly, InstaVoice and Voicemail are one and the same thing. The service allows you to get voice messages even if your phone is busy, switched off, not reachable, or not available.

InstaVoice is not a subscription service but it is available to all prepaid and postpaid MTN customers. In fact, Voicemail is available by default to MTN customers because every MTN line is already provisioned for the service.

How does MTN InstaVoice Work?

When you call an MTN customer who is active on InstaVoice and the line is switched off, not reachable or out of coverage, MTN would prompt you to leave a message at a tone. This means that you can send the same message or pass the same information without any loss in time.

The most interesting thing about MTN InstaVoice is that both on-net and off-net lines can leave voice messages.

However, while MTN Voicemail may be accessible for unreachable, switched off and busy lines, it is only accessible for valid SIMs.

But what is the cost of the Voicemail service? MTN charges normal call rates to subscribers for sending voice message and the recipient can listen to his voice messages by dialing 400 from their phone.

Furthermore, the charge applies only if you record the voicemail. In other words, if you hang up before recording, you will not accrue any charge.

In MTN Voicemail, only the sender pays for the service, the receiver or listener can access the voice messages for free.

MTN InstaVoice is flexible. Subscribers can choose to delete the message after listening to them and you can even choose to opt-out of the service to stop receiving InstaVoice. To do this, dial #004# on your mobile phone. Alternatively, you can call 180 to deactivate the service.


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