MTN Education Suite: A Great Option for Online Learning.

With MTN education suite, MTN champions online learning in Nigeria making it easier for schools, teachers, and students to pull through the COVID-19 hullabaloo. MTN education suite has collaboration at its core. This allows students and teachers to work together to achieve the best outcome.

To make the education suite awesome, MTN offers three packages. These include the following.

education suite

MTN Education Suite: Data Only Package

MTN offers huge data bundles to schools under the data-only package. Schools can subscribe to this data and share them among teachers and students. They can purchase as much as 280GB plans with 3-month validity. This is shown in the table below.

Data BundleValidityPrice (NGN)
280GB90 days79,500
465GB90 days130,000
920GB90 days254,000
1225GB90 days313,000

The data bundles can be shared in two ways:

  • Through MTN Self Service Portal. Only an assigned school administrator can allocate data to approved teachers and students. The available options are shown below.
Data AllocationValidity
250GB30 days
500GB30 days
1GB30 days
2GB30 days
3GB30 days
  • Through MTN Data Coupon – Here, the beneficiaries receive 10-digit PINs from the school administration which are used to redeem their coupon through myMTN app. The available options are shown below.
Data AllocationValidity
350MB7 days
750MB7 days
1.5GB30 days
2GB30 days
3GB30 days
4.5GB30 days

MTN Education Suite: Data Package + Laptops/Tablets

Schools can boost their students’ and teachers’ productivity by offering laptops and tablets as well as huge data bundles. This option makes it possible.

There is a range of devices to choose from including Tecno Droipad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, HP notebook, etc. Others include HP, Dell, and several other brands of laptops. This is shown in the figure below.

mtn education suite

Data Package + Laptops/Tablets + Microsoft Teams Learning Platform

MTN helps students to consolidate their learning needs by offering an opportunity to use the Microsoft Teams learning platform under the MTN education suite. Microsoft Teams provides a platform for assigning quizzes and assignments, creating classes, and sharing learning materials.

A suite of features ships with the Microsoft Teams. This includes web versions of Excel, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint; Teacher Community (PLC) groups; Digital storytelling with Sway; unlimited personal cloud storage; unlimited email storage with in-place archiving, etc.

Other Options – Routers/MiFi

Normally, MTN assigns data to the teachers’ or students’ phone lines. However, where phone lines are not available or inadequate, routers and MiFi may be offered to the beneficiaries.

The two options are shown in the table below.

DeviceFeaturesPrice (NGN)
    HyNetFlex1. Free 120 GB on device usable within the first three months.
2. Double data on every renewal within the first three months.
3. Monthly data price available from N4,000
  MiFi1. Free 30GB on device usable for one month (30 days).
2. Double data on renewals N5000 within the first 6 months.
3. Monthly data prices available from N500

In conclusion, the MTN education suite offers a lot of options and features. It is suitable for schools that wish to provide data and devices to their teachers and students. Once you have decided on the beneficiaries and the amount of data to allocate, you can choose the preferred method of data allocation.


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