MTN Data4ME Offers, Details and Subscription Code

One of the ways of getting more value from a telecom provider is in staying watchful of the offers and discounted products floated by these companies. MTN Data4ME offers are some of these unusual products, and it packs some bountiful data bundles which would definitely save you some funds.

MTN is Nigeria’s leading telecommunication operator, although the telco hardly supplies its subscribers with excessively discounted data packages. While some might buttress their reason on the fact that the operator has an enormous, hardly surmountable market share, others argue that the cost of setting-up its nationwide infrastructure for seamless network experience wouldn’t permit a further shortchange in company funds to float cheap products.

In a recent release by the Nigerian Communication Commission, NCC, MTN increased its share of the market and retains its dominance with a 40.9 percent of the total numbers of subscribers in the country up from a 39% it got in June.

Furthermore, in the same month, the yellow-branded operator also had some enviable ports-in from other networks — the second best incoming port-in among contemporaries. This consistent increase in the number of subscribers couldn’t be unconnected to the operator’s discount in data pricing and the MTN Data4Me is one of such discount.

MTN Data4Me – Eligibility and clauses

Although MTN says the Data4Me promo is for all prepaid customers, there are certain restrictions which pair-up to inhibit the sincerity of the offer.


Upon activating a lower value offer at the first subscription, there’s a likelihood that you would be compelled to subscribe to a higher valued offer. How this is done is this: the lower priced offers you had subscribed to, probably some few time before, would henceforth be unavailable for you.

Secondly, if you are one who tops-up a higher denomination of airtime or subscribes for heavy-weight data, the price of the Data4Me offer meant for you would be brought up. And this would require that you continually augment on your recharge, as the offers would correspondingly be scaled up.

The Benefits you stand to obtain with MTN Data4ME

The Data4ME offer is a subset of the larger MTN4ME offer. The larger encompassing offer include a recharge offer which requires subscribers to buy an airtime and stand liable for a bonus. A combo offer, still a subset of the MTN4ME offer, rather provides a combination bonus offer of data plus airtime at a slated price.

With the Data4ME offer, customers will enjoy amazing data discounts in the form of a 100% data bonus and discounted data bundles. The size of data are uncommonly valuable relative to the price paid, as such you shouldn’t hope to get any similar bundles to these in their usual(regular) data catalog.

Bonuses obtainable include: 10MB for N2 naira; 75MB for N20; 200MB for N50 naira; and 1GB for N200 naira.

Subscription to the Data4ME offers

A dedicated USSD code is made for the Data4ME and MTN4ME offers. You can access MTN4ME by dialing *121# on your mobile phone, and Data4ME by dialling *121#3#.

Additionally, you can access the offers by visiting or by using the myMTN App. On the app, click on the MegaDealZone tab after launching, then use the “Crack the Egg” feature to redeem your offer.

One can as well call the Call Centre (180) to request for his/her offer from an agent, or by visiting an MTN retail store and doing the same — requesting your offer from an agent.

Check bonus balance by dialling *131*4#

Duration of the offer

The MTN Data4ME offers comes with differing durations for the different bundles present.

At the first time of dialing the subscription code, the listed plans would be majorly of 1 – 7 days validity. After several subscription to these lower value bundles, another set of higher priced bundle would be introduced for your line. This newly introduced bundles come with a higher validity period.

Final notes

The MTN Data4ME just like the WinBack recharge offer is meant to drive in dormant subscribers through cheap offers rendering. Based on a personal experience, the offer wouldn’t be available for a subscriber who unendingly subscribes to high valued regular data plans. And the more length of time you leave your line inactive of subscription, the more the offer gets cheaper for you.

Conclusively, the plan serves the operator the purpose of awakening or instituting subscribers subscription culture.

Other reasons that might have triggered the introduction of this offer is the tense competition among fellow operators. Although MTN is the largest telecom operator in the country, the operator instinctively would need to consistently add up its numbers. Wooing subscribers to its network using a cheap data bait seems more attainable for the operator than the others due to their favourable network coverage.

For the subscribers, the outlook of getting a discounted data offer although seemingly temporary doesn’t come often, and as such it’s of necessity to be welcomed.


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