MTN Data Share For Remote Businesses

As businesses across Nigeria work from home, it is necessary to explore useful approaches to connect with your workforce. The situation is particularly difficult for SMEs. With the cost of data at its highs, SMEs struggle to share data with employees. MTN data share is one way of sharing data of various sizes to employees.

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How Does MTN SME Data Share Work?

As the name implies, MTN SME data share allows businesses to share data with their employees while putting them in charge of the data. While there are other ways of sharing data, employers can control their employees’ internet activities with this method.

This means that your staff can stay connected to your business no matter their geographical location. Moreover, you could choose to allocate a higher data plan to high priority employees and a lower data plan to less important ones.

MTN Data Plan Products and Subscriptions

MTN has recently revised its SME data plan subscriptions. Currently, the package has four products that range from 22GB to 150GB.

The telecom giant provides a range of share denominations for each of these products. Subscribers can purchase any of these products by making payment through VTU, Recharge Card, Quickteller, or Cheque. You can purchase a product even if you have an ongoing subscription, MTN will adjust the validity period accordingly.

Here are the SME data plans with their corresponding prices and validity periods.

SME data share sponsor

Sharing Data With MTN Data Share

MTN makes data sharing easy with SME data share. This can either be done with SMS or USSD.

First off, you need to migrate to the SME Plus Service Class by dialing *460# or sending 460 to 131. Then, you can purchase the bundle by sending the keywords that correspond to the plan you want to purchase. You can also do that with the corresponding USSD string as shown in the table above.

After purchasing the data, you will probably need to share it with your employees. You can share data in multiples of 250MB, 500MB, 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, and 5GB. However, you are required to follow the right format when sharing data. For instance, if you wish to share 1GB to an employee, you need to send SMEC <Phone Number> 1000 <PIN> to 131. The table below shows how to share data with beneficiaries.

MTN data share

Note that a sponsor can share data as long as he/she has not exceeded the minimum of 20 shares per bundle.

Checking Data Balance

Just like in other MTN data plans, checking data balance is very easy with MTN data share. You can check data balance via SMS or USSD.

For sponsors, dial *461*2*3# or send DATABALANCE to 131. Beneficiaries can check their data balance by sending SHAREBALANCE to 131 or by dialing *460# and then following the prompts.

In conclusion, MTN data share provides an easy way for SMEs to share data with their employees and monitor their internet activities. Employers will be in full control of the data to make sure it is used as intended. This can help a business to keep tabs on their internet usage and expenses while ensuring efficiency.


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