How to Get Data Bonuses with MTN Data Referral

MTN data referral offers a new way to get data bonuses without spending a dime; it works in a simple and interesting way. MTN brings in a new way to incentivize their subscribers; all you need to do is to refer another MTN subscriber and get them to buy data. Provided the customer has not purchased data within 30 to 365 days prior to your referral, you stand a chance to get 10% of the bundle they activated as soon as they purchase the data.

mtn data referral

How Does MTN Data Referral Work?

Any MTN customer (whether prepaid or postpaid customer) can refer another customer. However, the bonus only applies if they have not recharged data for 30 to 365 days as mentioned earlier.

To refer a friend, simply dial *131*1*Referred Phone No# on your MTN line. You can also make a referral by texting “REF [Referred Phone No] 1” to 131.

However, there is a limit to MTN data referral. You are only allowed to refer up to 10 MTN phone numbers per day. Once this limit is reached, you will no longer get a bonus on any other data referral you make for that day.

Useful Tips About Data Referral

Both the referred and the referring MTN customer gets a referral bonus; however, the referred gets a 50% bonus while the referring customer gets just a 10% bonus. Moreover, referral bonuses are valid for 24 hours only.

Furthermore, the referral bonuses are available only for MTN daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and yearly plans, but they are not available for XtraValue and Winback bundles.

Note that the referral bonuses cannot be rolled over and if you have more than one active data bundle on your line, the bundle with the least validity (usually the referral bonus) will be used first.

It is also easy to check your referral bonus balance, this can be done in a variety of ways.

  • By texting – send 2 as an SMS to 131.
  • Via USSD – Dial *131*4#.
  • You can also check the balance through MyMTNApp.

In conclusion, MTN data referral could be an easy way for you to amass a lot of data each day. Start referring friends every day and get a lot of bonuses on each data they purchase. The most interesting thing about it is that your friends will also get bonuses too.


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