MTN Dash Me Data — Request Data From Friends

MTN Dash me data is a free service that enables a user to request for airtime from a colleague, family member or anybody you are acquainted with.

Although the service allows one to request for data from persons, you receive the data only if the recipient of your request accents to it. The service is perfect for subscribers whose friend or family member have enough data to spare or have the ability to purchase for them as there’s a means by which capable subscribers could directly subscribe other line.
MTN dash me data

The MTN Dash-me-data service is exclusive to only MTN subscribers i.e both subscribers (senders and receivers) must be MTN users. While transferring data to a friend, the rates are the same as it would if it is bought.

Steps to request data using the MTN Dash-Me-Data Service

Below are the simple steps towards activating the MTN Dash-me-data service:

  • To start, dial *131*7# from your phone. The following menu would popup:

    MTN data share

    MTN data share menu

  • Enter 3 and another menu would popup requesting you to input the number you want to request data from.

    Insert the mobile number you wish to request data from

    Insert the mobile number you wish to request data from

  • After inserting the number, send it and a notification would be sent to you.A pop-up menu would immediately appear on the recipient phone seeking his/her approval to the request.

    Notification sent to recipient of the request

    Notification sent to recipient of the request

How to Send Data to friends

As with requesting for data, sending data to your friends is simple and clear-cut.

  • Dial *131*7# on your phone and follow the prompt. Here you can buy data directly for your friend or transfers from your available data bundle.

    Sending data with MTN data gifting

    Sending data with MTN data gifting

  • You can aswell dial *131*Phone number*Data amount#.


MTN Dash-me-data service provides a convenient and efficient way to request for data from family members and friends. It should however be noted that this service is sited under MTN’s data gifting platform, rather than being a uniquely separate service. This service undoubtedly makes data gifting easier and less mean.


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