How to Improve Your Business with MTN Call Assist

Traditional PBX systems are efficient for interactive voice response (IVR); however, they are costly, inconvenient, and require a lot of technical know-how to manage. With an internet-based technology, MTN call assist eliminates the challenges posed by PBX systems and offers efficiency and convenience while saving you a lot of money.

call assist

With MTN call assist, companies can efficiently manage their incoming calls. This will allow them to direct calls to the right department depending on the purpose.

Why MTN Call Assist?

MTN call assist offers a lot of benefits. Some of these are described below:

  • Improves the image of the business, making it look professional.
  • It makes the business more reachable and responsive. The business can be available 24/7.
  • Unlike traditional PBX systems and WAN connection, call assist offers improved mobility. It allows users at various locations to communicate seamlessly.
  • Moreover, businesses can be managed effectively online. You can even create departments and direct calls to departments of concern.
  • Call assist also improves the efficiency and productivity of a business.
  • It is a cost-effective and affordable solution, especially when compared to a traditional PBX system.
  • Other benefits of call assist include cost predictability, easy payment and you can even take advantage of the free trial offer to have a feel of the product before using it.

Major Features

Call assist has a lot of interesting features. The major features include auto attendant, self-admin portal, music on hold, call hunting/hunting group, and voice mail.

The figure below summarizes the benefits and what they offer.

mtn business call assist

How to Subscribe to MTN Call Assist

As a business package, only businesses can subscribe to call assist. These include businesses like a sole proprietorship, various departments of a company, SMEs, NGOs, large companies, etc.

To subscribe, you need to choose a plan and sign up for the service. You can purchase a base plan (suitable for a company with 2 departments and 2 extensions) for N2,500 per month. You can also purchase a 12-month plan for N27,500.

mtn call assist

Voice bundles are also available in MTN call assist as shown in the table below.

N2100300 minutes
N4100600 minutes
N67001000 minutes
N133002000 minutes
N198003000 minutes

Once you hit the “Buy” or “Buy Now” button, you will be prompted to enter your number or pick a number from the provided list. This number should be the primary contact number for your business. You can then proceed to the checkout tab to make payment and complete the purchase.

In conclusion, MTN call assist is a perfect solution for businesses that wish to personalize their incoming call services. This allows you to set greetings and announcements for your callers. You can further configure your call assist to redirect your callers to a specific department depending on their queries and needs.