MTN BetaTalk – MTN Bundles (All About Mobile Network Services Packages)

MTNDo you know that many Nigerians don’t really know the different services offered by their network? I was once like you until I was rudely awaken from my ignoramus state by an occurrence that made me swore to learn all the packages Nigeria mobile telecom offers.

We have often heard that knowledge is power; but how many people ever tried to learn out of their jurisdiction or comfort zone. Many people are simply happy about their current packages (that they probably cannot attach a name to or benefits). The result of languishing in this ignorant state is indeed dire, and it includes missing out of incredible benefits that actually helps you save cost.

You can reduce the amount of money you spend daily on calls and data if only you make knowledge your best friend. Because of the difficulty to access different networks searching for their various services, I have decided to run a series that showcases different mobile networks’ services for your convenience starting with MTN.

MTN services

Despite the legal palaver MTN is facing, they are still holding their heads high above the water offering different services packages. Below are some of them.

Note that today is dedicated to call service packages.

Under the MTN packages we have the MTN BetaTalk, e-Super Saver+, Diamond Yellow Account, Smooth Talk Plus and Supersaver.

MTN BetaTalk

MTN BetaTalk
This package was specifically created for prepaid tariff plan that recompenses subscriber with 3 times the worth of their recharge. The plan is activated upon a minimum account balance of 100 naira. National calls are charged a flat rate of 24 naira per minute or 40 kobo per second from the user’s reward airtime. All international calls, international text messages and data during roaming is charged from the user’s main account balance.


The benefits include enjoying award bonus of 200% bonus airtime and 10MB data for minimum 100 naira recharge. Also, note that national calls, PAYG data, and local SMS charges will be deducted from the bonus balance and the data bonus is available for 7 days.

Te first migration to this package attracts zero fee charges for 30days and subsequent migration to the same MTN package will attract 100 naira.

Here you have all the information you need to know about MTN BetaTalk package. Soon I will showcase the next MTN service plan; please keep reading. For activation codes please check our page and you will find different codes for all network plans including the MTN BetaTalk service. Please share this page, and drop your comment.


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