MTN 60 Day/Quarterly plans – Why it Might Be the Best for You

Too often than not, most heavy data users restrict themselves to monthly data plans but what if you invest in 60 day/quarterly plans? Sure, such long-tail data plans may be quite costly on an aggregate scale but the unit cost is profoundly lower than the usual monthly data plans.

MTN 60 Day Data Plan

One of the reasons why MTN has managed to maintain flagship in the Nigerian telecom market is because it always figures out a way to edge its competitors. MTN 60 day/quarterly data plans are such edges.

The 60 day (2 months) data plan offers its subscribers a whopping 50GB for only N20,000.  As you would expect, it is valid for 60 days.

To subscribe to this plan, you can text 118 to 131 or dial *131*1# and select 4, corresponding to the 2-Months Plan.

MTN Quarterly Data Plan

Just like the 60-day data plan, the MTN quarterly data plan allows you to enjoy lots of data at remarkably affordable unit cost.

The quarterly (3 months) data plan offers subscribers a whopping 85GB for only N50,000 and as you would expect, it is valid for 90 days.

You can subscribe to this plan by texting 133 to 131 or dial *131*1# and select 5, corresponding to the 3-Months Plan.

mtn 60 day quarterly plans

Comparing MTN 60 Day/Quarterly Plans with Other Plans – Which to Choose

The most cost-effective MTN monthly plan costs N10,000 and offers 22GB. This is followed by the N5,000 for 10GB. MTN 60 Day/Quarterly Plans are a lot better than these plans especially if you are aiming at larger data volumes at a cheaper cost.

The quarterly plan offers a daily data volume of about 944MB at about N555 while the 60-day plan offers a daily volume of 833MB at about N333. On the other hand, the N10,000 for 22GB plan offers a daily volume of 733MB at N333.

Of all the data plans examined, the MTN 60 day plan is the most cost-effective option. The quarterly plan is excellent if you want to enjoy large data volume, but it is less cost-effective when compared to the 60-day plan. In general, the MTN 60 day/quarterly plans are awesome plans for you if you are a heavy data user.


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