MTN 4G MIFI: Comparison and Features

With digitization sweeping through the fabrics of the society, the need for a strong and reliable internet connection has never been more important. After using MTN 4G MIFI for a while, I’m realized that it is up to par with other MIFI devices in Nigeria, even better than most.


How does MTN 4G MIFI compare with Glo MIFI and other internet devices? What are the features of the MIFI? Read on to learn more.


mtn vs glo

The comparison below x-rays both MTN and Glo 4G MIFI based on some of their basic features.

Number of Wi-Fi devicesUp to 10Up to 15
How to manage the MIFICan be managed via be managed via
Other benefits100% bonus on data bundles below N5,000 for 6 months one-off 30GB data bonus1.33 GB bonus every month for 12 months or 16GB data for 1 year

MTN 4G MIFI vs. Spectranet Router

mtn vs. spectranet

Spectranet is praised for its efficiency, reliability, and robustness. Moreover, the telecom network has interesting data plans which place it at a competitive advantage over some other networks in Nigeria.  Here is a comparison of MTN MIFI and Spectranet router.

 MTN 4G MIFISpectranet
CostN12,000The cheapest router goes for N16,125
Number of Wi-Fi devicesUp to 10Multiple user Wi-Fi access
AvailabilityAvailable in all cities in Nigeria.Only available in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Port Harcourt.
Bonus data30GB bonus data40GB bonus data (depending on the router)
Other benefits100% bonus on data bundles below N5,000 for 6 months  Unlimited Night Browsing + 100% Data Bonus for 3 renewals (depending on the router)

Benefits and Bonuses

As pointed out above, MTN MIFI offers a lot of benefits and bonuses. Some of the most interesting benefits are listed below.

  • Subscribers will enjoy a one-off 30GB data valid for 30 days (You will receive the bonus data 48 hours after activating the MIFI).
  • You will also enjoy a 100% data bonus on all recharges below N5000 for six months. Dial *131*4# or SMS 2 to 131 to check the balance.
  • You can connect up to 10 Wi-Fi devices to the MIFI.
  • The 4G MIFI offers a very strong 4G internet connection.

How to Get the MIFI

MTN MIFI is sold in most MTN offices across Nigeria. Upon purchasing the MIFI, you will need to register the SIM to activate it. You can also use any other MTN SIMs on the MIFI.

Just like other MTN products and SIMs, you can access any other MTN service through the MIFI. You can even subscribe to any data plan available on MTN.

In conclusion, MTN 4G MIFI is a great way to stay connected with fast, reliable, and affordable internet. If you want to connect more Wi-Fi devices and enjoy bigger bonuses, MTN Hynet might be the right option for you.


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