Top Benefits to Enjoy on Upgrading to MTN 4G LTE

MTN 4G is definitely one of the fastest 4G LTE in Nigeria. While 5G technology is looming and promises to be much better, 4G is the de facto cellular network technology today.

4G LTE is common in most developed countries to the extent that 3G and 2G have almost disappeared from usage. Sadly, only about 4 percent of Nigerians are using 4G while 44 percent are still stuck to 3G.

Considering the speed difference between 4G and 3G and the fact that both cellular technologies cost almost the same amount to the end users, there is no reason why you should not upgrade to 4G today.


But with several network providers in Nigeria offering 4G LTE services, subscribers are usually confused when choosing a network to go with. While there are lots of other factors to consider, MTN 4G LTE is one of the fastest and most effective 4G LTE services.

Besides, upgrading to MTN 4G LTE comes with some handsome benefits you will definitely not want to resist.

Benefits on MTN 4G LTE

MTN provides special benefits to users who swap or upgrades their MTN SIM to 4G SIM, also known as USIM.

On swapping your SIM to 4G, you will automatically qualify for MTN free 4GB data. The data can be used just like your purchased data to browse, surf the internet, download any file of your choice and even stream videos, at incredibly high speed. In other words, there is no limitation to how you use the data.

But that’s not all, you will also enjoy 25% 4G bonus on each of your data subscriptions for the first three months. This benefit holds no matter the amount or volume of data you choose to recharge. This could be an opportunity to subscribe as much as possible to enjoy a lot of data bonuses.

While MTN data bonuses and benefits may not be as attractive as that of Glo and even Spectranet, MTN is known for its credibility and value. By upgrading to MTN 4G, you will not just enjoy the value but you will also enjoy some amazing benefits.


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