MTN 4G data plans and bundles 2020

MTN Nigeria is the largest telecommunication network in Nigeria, as such, the much urgency by most of its subscribers to know the various MTN 4G data plans.

4G is the 4th generation of mobile telephone network. The least of it was the 1G, a purely analog communication protocol. Similarly, the latest in the scale is the 5G technology. Basically, a generation is a set of telephone network standards, and is defined only by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and the International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT).

The generations of mobile technology

1G – The first generation

For a new generation to be introduced, certain criteria must be met, with the sole interest being in providing productive communication between a sender and receiver. The major yardstick here is speed. The rate at which data is transferred becomes valuable in a gradually changing technology world. 1G technology introduced in the 70s had a maximum speed 2.4 Kbps, with various accompanying shortcomings including poor quality, and issues of dropped calls. This technology was quite analog in many ways necessitating drives for better architectures.

2G — The second technology

With 2G came services like the SMS and MMS, call holds, real-time billings and various other basic services enjoyed in mobile communication today. The speed of 2G connected devices using the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is 50 Kbps while those with the Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE) is 1 Mbps.

3G — Third generation

The third generation of mobile Communication, the 3G, came with certain services like the web browsing, emailing, streaming, and even video downloads by use of a new technology named Universal Mobile Telecommunications System(UMTS). Brought into the market in 2001, 3G technology improved upon it’s predecessor in many aspects. Example is in the call audio quality. Audio sounds during calls was much compressed leading to a more clear sound transmission between a receiver and caller. The standard stationary speed for 3G devices is 2Mbp. While it’s mobile speed is limited at 384kbps.

4G — The advent of the forth generation

4G communication improved on what was offered by the 2G and 3G. The 4G technology brought key improvements to online gaming services, video conferencing, high-definition mobile TV, cloud computing, and IP telephony. The maximum speed of 4G technology is 100 Mbps for a moving object and1 Gbps for a stationary being.

Various telecom operators in the country have announced availability of 4G connectivity from their networks, however for certain locations only. Majority of locations are yet to be covered by 4G services, even in large metropolis. Similarly, when near these locations, the speed recorded in reality doesn’t par up with standards.

Despite the poor infrastructural development of these technology, a new attained level of internet speed is often greeted with glee by Nigerians.

MTN 4G data plans — Initial bundles offered

During it’s inception, MTN 4G LTE came with an ‘inaugural’ data bundle which was quite exorbitant. Below are the data value and pricing initially attached to MTN 4G browsing services:

  • 100MB for N500 (7days validity)
  • 150MB for N499 (daily)
  • 200MB for N1000 (30days validity)
  • Unlimited data for N36,999 (30 days 24/7)
  • 42GB for 12Months N66499
  • 10GB for N6000 (30 days validity)
  • 15GB for N10,000 (30 days validity)

These were actually poor from them. However, presently, MTN users are able to access the network’s 4G features with their existing cheap data bundles rather than from a unique plan. This was confirmed by the company’s representative.

The reply gotten from a representative when asked of the disparity between MTN 4G plans and others data bundles

The reply gotten from a representative when asked of the disparity between MTN 4G plans and others data bundles

MTN 4G data plans — All its bundles fully compatible with it’s 2G,3G, and 4G network

There are various popular data plans to subscribe for while using a 4G internet service. It should be noted that due to a zippy rate of data transfer, one need to subscribe to a bulkier data plan. The following plans are example of such:

PlansDurationOpt-in code
6GB ₦2,500 Plan30 daystext 147 to 131
8GB ₦3000 plan30 days
10GB ₦3500 plan30 daystext 107 to 131
15GB ₦5000 plan30 daystext 116 to 131
40GB ₦10000 plan30 daystext 117 to 131
75GB ₦15000 plan30 daystext 150 to 131
110GB ₦20,000 Plan30 daystext 149 to 131
1GB ₦350 Plan24 hourssms 155 to 131
2GB 500 Naira Plan2 days (48 hours)text 154 to 131
6GB 1,500 Naira plan7 daystext 143 to 131
60GB ₦20,000 plan60 daystext 118 to 131
120GB ₦50,000 plan90 daystext 133 to 131
100GB ₦30,000 plan60 daystext 138 to 131
150GB ₦70,000 plan90 daystext 134 to 131

For more data plans offered by MTN Nigeria, checkout the independent prepared page for MTN catalogued data plans and bundles.

4G is the highest generation of mobile technology presently in Nigeria. Although 5G was tried in various locations in the country recently, licences and frequency spectrums are yet to be issued for it’s full implementation and marketing.


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