Introducing MTN’S Bumper 150 Unlimited Data Plan Package Just for You

MTN Unlimited Data PlanThe fight for supremacy continues amongst the mobile telecom giants in Nigeria: MTN, Airtel, Glo, and Etisalat. Thanks to competition, Nigerians are being treated to different fantabulous data plans and call packages. Today we are celebrating MTN’s 150 naira unlimited daily data plan.

Every now and then Nigerians receives fantastic offers from one mobile company to the other. We are still smarting and our heads reeling from the bumper package introduced by GLO, or the 3GB for 1000naira 30 days data plan introduced by Airtel, only for MTN come up with another plan that beats Airtel’s package hands down. So, is it really true, are Nigerians really in for a whole 24hrs nice data-time?

The MTN Unlimited Data Plan

The package is popularly referred to as unlimited data plan that last for a whole day, and it goes for 150 naira. It offers a whopping 1 GB internet plan for just 150 naira daily, and unlike the Airtel plan which lasts for one hour, this one span through the whole day.

How authentic is it?

The news is indeed authentic because I confirmed from a MTN customer care service. It is actually 1 GB for 150naira, and it is daily. This means that buying 150 naira data plan daily for 30 days will amount to about 30 GB plan, wow, that is simply amazing for just 4500 naira!


The downside is of course network problems. In my past, dealing with MTN offers like this are usually compromised with their periodic fluctuating network connection problems. So, at the end, you might end up battling with the network problem so much that you may not have time to enjoy the unlimited data plan before it expires at midnight.


Buying 150 daily for 30 days total 4500 for 30GB data plan, wow, talk about cheap; this is indeed real cheap! Although, you might have to battle with connection and network problems sometimes, the benefits of the package affordability quite outweighs the number of time you may have to battle with connection issues.

Additionally, it is very flexible because it affords people the opportunity to buy data as they can afford it.


To qualify for this package you have to dial *567*59#; follow up with “1” to activate the plan.

It is indeed amazing that you can get as much as 30GB of data for just 4500 naira; and what is really amazing is that you get to slice the whole payment into bits of just 150 naira daily for 1 GB data plan.

So, hurry now, join in the fun, share this page for others to enjoy with you, and don’t forget to drop your comment.


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