How to Make Money on Airtel with XpressRecharge

The national lockdown has taken a toll on so many Nigerians. With the loss of jobs on the increase, most Nigerians are looking for succor from every possible means. Thankfully, Airtel XpressRecharge provides the relief most Nigerians seek. It allows you to sell airtime from home and make some money through commission.

airtel Xpress Recharge

How does Airtel XpressRecharge work? How can you make money from it? Read on to learn more.

How Does Airtel Xpress Recharge Work?


For every recharge of N20,000 airtime you sell from My Airtel app, you’ll earn N800 in commission. In other words, the more airtime you sell, the more you earn.  

To take advantage of the Xpress Recharge offer, you need to first download the My Airtel App from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

After downloading the app, click Recharge, and enter the amount of airtime you wish to recharge on the app. Other details you’ll need to provide include your phone number, and payment option. After entering all the details, you can confirm your transaction and complete the process.

The recharged value will immediately reflect in your Airtel account and you can sell any amount of airtime to begin making money as quickly as possible.

Selling Airtime on Airtel XpressRecharge


It is also very easy to sell airtime on XpressRecharge. To begin, dial *432# on your Airtel line. You will be presented with the Airtel Me2U pop up menu comprising a list of options from 1 to 6.

Choose option 1, if you wish to sell airtime to other Airtel customers. You can then specify the airtime value you wish to sell to the customer, the customer’s phone number and proceed to transfer the money to the customer. Generally, Airtel XpressRecharge works in a similar way to transferring airtime to your family and friends.

In conclusion, the Airtel XpressRecharge is an interesting offer introduced by the mobile giant as a part of its stay-at-home package. It’s an excellent package for small business owners but individuals can equally use the package to make a lot of money while staying at home. Download My Airtel App today and dial *432# to start buying and selling.


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