How to make calls with ntel, Smile, and Swift

Ntel, Smile, and Swift are thought of as data-centric networks but you can make calls with each of these networks. In fact, most of them offer incredible call rates and seamlessness.

Here are some handy ways to make calls to your favorite networks.

Making calls with Ntel

make calls with ntel

Ntel makes it super-easy for subscribers to make calls via the PAYG voice & SMS. You can make clear calls to other ntel users as low as 11k/seconds. You can even send SMS at N4 to all networks.

Calls on ntel attract 40k/sec for the first N25 daily. Subsequently, on-net calls can be made at 11k/sec and off-net calls at 20k/sec.

Before calls can be made on ntel, you need a voLTE enabled 4G device. Examples include ntel NOVA, ntel Router, Tecno Camon C5 etc.

With a 4G LTE compatible device, you still need to download VOXHD app to be able to make calls on the network.

Once you download the VOXHD, you just need to install it, authenticate and log in, and then you can make calls and send SMS.

Making calls with Smile

Smile has one of the fast expanding coverage of the aforementioned providers. It has coverage in Kaduna, Abuja, Ibadan, Lagos, Benin City, Onitsha & Asaba, and Port Harcourt.

Interestingly, you can make calls both within and without Smile coverage via SmileVoice over LTE. Smile offers incredible call rate, probably the lowest in Nigeria (9k/sec).

Smile charges in MB on any of the smile data plans. The MB per minute charge can be translated to k/sec charge. For instance, you are charged 6.8 MB per minute on Smile 10GB anytime plan. This translates to N6 per minute which implies 10k/sec.

Here is an overview of the SmileVoice call rate for the various SmileData plan.

smile calls

An interesting feature with Smile is that you can also make and receive calls even if you are connected to any other data network apart from Smile’s mobile 4G LTE.

Making calls with Swift

make calls on swift

To make calls with Swift, you need to get a phone number for that purpose. This can be easily obtained by requesting a phone number in the self-care portal section of the Swift NG website. Upon requesting the phone number, Swift will configure your number and email to you.

You may require a small phone adapter such as sipora or PAP2 which will be configured with your number.

The number can be used to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world as long as there is a reliable and good quality broadband available for the device. You can even make calls outside Nigeria.

Swift can charge you for voice calls from your broadband subscription or they can create a separate voice account for you. It depends on what you want.

You can make calls to any network in Nigeria at a rate of N10.2 per minute but higher call rate applies to international calls.


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