Lending Airtime to Family and Friends

Most networks in Nigeria provide a way for lending airtime and sharing airtime from one subscriber to the other within their network. For each of the top networks, you will be able to lend or share airtime by dialing some simple USSD.

lending airtime sharing airtime

MTN Share and Sell

Share N Sell is a very useful feature in MTN that allows subscribers to send credit to other MTN customers.

The default PIN for airtime transfer is 0000. To avoid someone else from transferring credit with your MTN account, MTN requires you to change the default PIN before making a transfer.

You can change the default pin by texting “the-default-PIN new-PIN new-PIN” to 777. For instance, if your new PIN is 1234, you have to send “0000 1234 1234” to 777.

You can also change the PIN by dialing *600*default PIN*new PIN* new PIN#.

To transfer the credit, you need to send an SMS of this form: “Transfer, Recipient’s Name, Amount and PIN” to 777. Alternatively, you can dial *600*Recipient’s Name*Amount*PIN#. You will receive a success notification if it’s successful.

The minimum amount of transfer MTN allows you to make at a time is N50 and the maximum is N5,000. However, you can make a total transfer of N10,000 in a day.

Note that you are not allowed to transfer in kobo units, only naira units are allowed. For instance, you can transfer N50 but not N50.5.

Airtel Me2U

Me2U is an easy way to transfer airtime from one Airtel account to another. Just like MTN, you need to create or change a 4-digit PIN before lending airtime with Airtel.

The default PIN is 1234; to change the PIN, you should start by dialing *432# and then follow the prompt.

Select “PIN CHANGE”. Then enter the current PIN; if you have not changed the PIN before, this will be the default PIN. Next, enter the new PIN and then confirm the new PIN.

You can transfer airtime by texting “2u [Recipient’s Name] [Amount] [PIN]” to 432.

Glo EasyShare

Just like other networks, you can share call credit with anyone on the Glo network. This enables you to send credits to your friends, family and loved ones.

To transfer credit, you need Glo EasyShare 5-digit PIN. The default 5-digit PIN is “00000”. To change the PIN, dial *132*00000*New PIN*New PIN#. Note that the new PIN must be five-digit long as well.

Once you have the PIN, lending airtime to your friends and loved ones is easy. Simply dial *131*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN#

Transferring with 9mobile

9mobile also provides an easy way to transfer airtime on the network. To transfer airtime on the network, you need to set up your 4-digit PIN. By default, the transfer PIN is 0000 but you can change it.

You can change the default PIN by dialing *247*0000*New PIN#. After changing the default PIN, you can transfer airtime by dialing *223*PIN*amount*Recipient’s Number#.

Each of the top networks in Nigeria provides an easy way to share airtime. Lending airtime to friends and family is easy and usually involves dialing simple USSD. This allows you and your loved ones to stay connected always on your favorite networks.


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