Latest MTN Data Bundles and Prices 2020

MTN data bundles are quite affordable when compared with industry’s best. Leading telecom giant, MTN offers intriguing daily, weekly and monthly data packages for various bracket of its customers. Importantly, their data offers are affordable when relatively paired with those from other telecom company. Popular monthly plans like the N1000 and N1200 plans comes with 1.5GB and 2GB respective volume of data.

In the past few months, MTN Nigeria had severally refreshed its web browsing data plans providing a more incentive-packed package purchase. While choosing a data plan, it is wise to get one that addresses your data needs; one that falls within your bracket without hampering your efficiency.
There are cheap and affordable browsing plans and this post purposes to unveil them all.

MTN data bundles

MTN Daily, 2-days,3-days Data Plans

These are the cheapest plans offered by the network. The duration of these plans is always a day (24hours). This plan is quite efficient for surfing less heavy portals or checking updates on social medias (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.) To purchase MTN daily data bundles, dial *131*1*#.

The full list of MTN daily data plans are as follows:

S/NData VolumePriceDuration
135MBN501 day
4250MBN2002 days

24 hours daily data bundle

MTN offers a day by day internet data plan. This browsing plan permits one to browse the internet for juat 24 hours.

To migrate to the MTN 24 hours daily data plan, SMS 155 to 131. It should be noted that the plan is accessible to only MTN prepaid customers.

MTN Weekly Data Plans

These are plans with duration of just 7 days from the day of purchase. Dial *131*1*2# to access the different MTN weekly bundles.

The following are different types of MTN weekly data plan:

S/NData VolumePriceDuration
11GBN5001 week (7 days)

Monthly Data Plans For MTN Users

This is the class of data packages with 30 days or more lifespan. With this data plan, one can download media files without bordering more about the cost. These data bundles can be purchased by dialing *131*1*3#.

They are tabulated as follows:

S/NData VolumePriceDuration
11.5GBN10001 month (30 days)
875GBN200002 months
10150GBN500003 months

MTN Social Bundles

With MTN social media plans, you remain glued with your favourite social media platform (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter 2go, Nimbuzz). MTN social bundles are available by dialing *131*3# from your phone.

The list of social plans are:

FacebookData VolumePriceDuration
Facebook100MBN1503 months

XtraByte: How To Borrow Data From MTN

You Can Borrow Data From MTN through the company’s XtraByte feature. The Service gives you data choices which includes 10MB, 30 MB, 100 MB, 200 MB and 750MB. Once the data is borrowed, the cost will automatically be deducted from your next recharge. It is worthy to note here that MTN charges a 15% interest on any amount borrowed.

Dial *606# to learn more about XtraByte

MTN Pay As You Go

This comes into play when you’ve exhausted your data bundle. You will be charged from your airtime at a set rate — at present, MTN charges 5 kobo/kb.

How To Purchase MTN data Plans

To buy any MTN data plans, dial *131# on your MTN line and follow the message prompt to purchase your preferred data bundle.


MTN data plans aren’t as cheap when compared with those of other networks like Glo. However it’s stable network serving and availability makes it a more preferred mobile network for data subscription.


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