How to Share and Transfer Data on 9mobile

How do you share data on 9mobile? Let’s face it, data is costly and everybody wants to economize on it. One way to do that is by sharing data.

We are in the 21st century and everyone uses data. But rather than buying separate data for each member of your household, you and your family can use the same data bundle. It is simple. All you need is to purchase one bundle and share or transfer to others.

how to share data on 9mobile

Wondering how to share data on 9mobile? Here are some interesting ways to purchase data on 9mobile.

Family Share Data Plan

With 9mobile family share data plan, you can share data to up to five 9mobile numbers. The beauty of this plan is that you can claim back unused allocated data.

It is easy to activate the family share data plan, just dial *917# to purchase any standard data plan. After purchasing the data plan, you can then share by dialing *229*9*PIN*data quota* recipient’s number*3#.

Alternatively, you can purchase this plan by *200# and then follow the menu options.

Data Transfer on 9mobile

An alternative way to go could be transferring data from your existing data bundles to another 9mobile customer.

However, there is a catch with this method. You can only transfer up to 200MB at a time but you can transfer up to 1000MB in a day.

It is easy to transfer data on 9mobile, just dial *229*PIN*volume of MB*recipient’s number#.

9mobile requires you to change your PIN to use this method. The default PIN is 0000 but you can change this PIN by dialing *247*old PIN*new PIN#. For instance, if you wish to change the pin to 1234, you need to dial *247*0000*1234#.

Multi-device Plan

An even better way to share data on 9mobile is using the multi-device plan. This method allows you to use the same data plan or bundle on different devices.

The main SIM on which the data is loaded is considered as the primary SIM and the SIMs to which the data is shared are considered secondary or additional SIMs.

However, the downside of this plan is that the data plan can be used on a maximum of 4 secondary SIMs.

It’s easy to activate the multi-device plan, just dial *215*PIN*1*new number*new PUK# to get started. If you want to use the data on other SIMs, replace “1” with either 2, 3 or 4, for the second, third or fourth SIM.

Data Gifting on 9mobile

gift data

Rather than sharing data on 9mobile, you can gift data. However, data gifting is a little different from data sharing, although they have similarities. In data gifting, you have to purchase a new data for the giftee. The recipient gets the data and you will be charged.

It is easy to gift data on 9mobile. To get started, dial *standard data plan code*recipient’s number#. For instance, to gift 1GB data to a friend, you will need to dial *229*2*7*friend’s number#.

In general, it is easy to share data on 9mobile. Also, there are several alternatives to sharing data on the network such as data transfer, multi-device plan, and data gifting. This makes it super-easy to stay connected with your friends and loved ones every day.


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