How to Gift and Share Glo Data and Credit

In the past, sharing or gifting data or airtime was a herculean task and, in some cases, impossible, but this is no longer the case. It is easier now more than ever to gift and share Glo data and credit.

Glo provides awesome features to share and gift data and credit. You can do any of these via USSD, on Glo website, through SMS or via Whichever means you choose; you can be sure to achieve a similar result and enjoy your airtime or data with your friends on Glo.

Needless to say, you can only share or gift credit and data to Glo subscribers.

How to Share Glo Call Credit

Glo provides a seamless way to share your call credit to your friends, family and loved ones on Glo network, thanks to Glo EasyShare. EasyShare makes sharing call credit super-easy and instant.

Moreover, it is an easy-to-use method. To transfer credit with EasyShare, simply dial *131*recipient phone number*transfer amount*password#.

EasyShare assumes a default password of 00000, but you can change this to a custom password. Once you have completed the process, you will be notified through text message.

You can also use EasyShare on Glo Café. To do this, visit the Glo World Mobile app and follow through the procedure.

Glo cafe - share glo data

How to Share Glo Data

If you are a couple or have a family of three or more, it makes no sense to buy Glo data for each member of the family. You can just buy a single data bundle and share with your family and friends.

Interestingly, Glo makes it easy to share data. You can share Glo data with at most five people on the network. The parties involved will get notification of internet access as soon as you share data to them.

You can share data through four methods as follows:

  • By visiting the Glo World Mobile app and following through the procedure.
  • Through USSD by dialing *127*01*friend’s number#
  • Through SMS by texting “Share [friend’s number]” to 127.
  • By visiting and following through the procedure.

You can also remove a number from the shared list. This can be done via USSD or SMS as follows.

  • For USSD, dial *127*02*number to remove#
  • For SMS, text “Remove [number to remove]” to 127.

To view the numbers in your shared list, dial *127*00# or text “List” to 127. You can also do that through

How to Gift Glo Data

Data gifting is usually the go-to option for people who don’t want to share their subscription. Besides, it is easy to do.

You can gift data on Glo by following any of these methods:

  • Visit the Glo World Mobile app and follow through the procedure.
  • You can also gift a subscription via USSD by dialing *127*USSD Plan Number*friend’s number#
  • Through SMS by texting “Gift [friend’s number]” to 127.
  • You can also gift data through

If you intend to perform any of these processes through, make sure you access the site using your Glo SIM. This will help you to access the profile corresponding to your Glo line. In a nutshell, Glo allows you to do more on its network. You can gift or share Glo data and credit with ease, just with a few mouse clicks or a few keystrokes.


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