Glo’s Inefficiency: How Can Glo Stay Competitive?

The liberalization of Nigeria’s telecom sector ushered in intensive competition into the industry. The key players, namely MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile, have all maintained considerable competitiveness. However, Glo, an indigenous company, has failed to keep up with the pace.

Glo's inefficiency

Obvious Short-Comings

The Glo network is known for its topsy-turviness. The network has become synonymous with inefficiency and network outages. The Glo network is known to go completely off for days or to become poor whenever it starts raining.

With its huge data bonuses and offers, Glo boasts to be the “grandmaster of data”. However, most subscribers complain that the network’s data values run faster than those of other networks. Besides, the network is completely unusable or useless in some parts of Nigeria.

However, Globacom still has some positive sides. For instance, the network is fast in some parts of Abuja, Lagos, and Port Harcourt and they are notable for huge bonanzas, discounts, and offers.

How Can Glo Stay Competitive?

To stay competitive, Globacom needs to address its numerous shortfalls. We’ll discuss some of these inadequacies below.

Poor Website and Failure to Innovate

Glo has one of the poorest websites of all the major telecom providers in Nigeria. MTN, Airtel and 9mobile are known for robust, responsive, and user-friendly websites. Although the telecom giant keeps directing and redirecting users to the HSI portal, the subdomain has been unavailable for a long time.

To stay competitive and relevant, Glo needs to invest not only in its web application but also in the mobile platform.

Epileptic Service

This is critical to the success and competitiveness of Glo in Nigeria. Most serious individuals and businesses now avoid the Glo network like a plague because of its incessant epileptic service. To address this concern, it may be necessary for the telecom giant to upgrade its infrastructure relating to data and voice services. This might require identifying ineffective and leaky channels and making sure that the available channels are working.

Customer Care

Globacom’s customer service is not entirely poor but the mobile giant needs to tighten every loose end to stay competitive. Some Glo users complain about slow service, unnecessary removal of recharged airtime and delay in settling disputes and other issues. Although other networks like MTN, Airtel, and 9mobile have their respective shortfalls, Glo’s inefficiency appears to be more consistent in their errors.

In conclusion, most Nigerians patronize Glo for the sole reason that it is an indigenous company. Yet, many have had their patience stretched beyond limit while a lot more others have left the network, no thanks to Glo’s inefficiency. However, Glo can bounce back and beat the competition; to do this, it must address the aforementioned deficits.


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