Enjoy Topnotch Bonuses on Glo Yakata

If you are looking for a Glo plan to enjoy amazing benefits, Glo Yakata should be one of the first plans on the list. Of course, there are lots of other Glo plans with awesome benefits but Glo Yakata offers amazing voice and data bonuses to both new and existing customers.

Glo Yakata

Glo Yakata Data Benefits

New subscribers on this plan will get up to a whopping 6GB of data every month consecutively for six months. In other words, the Glo tariff plan promises to award subscribers with up to 36GB of data free of charge.

However, you don’t get these bonuses just by owning a Glo SIM on Yakata, you are required to do something to earn them but don’t worry it is easy.

To get the Yakata bonus, you need to recharge your Glo line. Moreover, the amount you recharge will determine the bonus you get. In other words, you may get less than 6GB Yakata bonus but the maximum you stand to get is 6GB.

For instance, if you recharge N200, you will get N200 in your Glo main account, 50MB data benefit, 50MB social data benefit, and 250MB data benefit on the first recharge of the month. For N500 recharge, you will get N500 in your main account, 125MB data benefit, 125MB social data benefit, and 600MB data benefit on the first recharge of the month.

Yakata Voice Benefits

Yakata also offers amazing voice benefits. You can get up to 22 times or 2,200% on every N100 you recharge to call every network in Nigeria.

For instance, if you recharge N100, you will get N100 in your main account, N300 in bonus account On-Net Voice Benefit, N300 in bonus account All-Net Voice Benefit. For a recharge of N200, you will get N200 in the main account, N600 for On-Net calls and N400 for All-Net calls.

Here is a breakdown of the voice and data bonuses on Glo Yakata.

Glo Yakata bonus breakdown

The Glo Yakata bonuses are valid for 7 days and the call rate is 70k/sec both for the main account and the bonus account and N4 per message. Furthermore, if you already have data, the Yakata data bonus will be topped up on your data balance.You can subscribe to Yakata by dialing *230#. Interestingly, when you buy a new Glo SIM and activate your line, your line is automatically on the Glo Yakata tariff plan.


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